Wednesday, January 11, 2006

What happened to the days of a Value-Pak free 5-day membership pass to Gold's Gym printed on glossy, flimsy paper? Here's the personalized invite I just got in the mail. Type-writer typed address on envelope. Actual stamp. Pictures of skinny blonde and brunette with high pony-tails and whitened teeth on treadmills. Buff dude in tight red spandex top and one ethnic woman in all white doing yoga, I think.

Inside reads:

As a select member of our Washington D.C. community, you are cordially invited to experience the finest sports and fitness complex in the world.

Complimentary One Week Membership
The Sports Club/LA
1170 22nd Street, NW

Hailed by the Washington Post as having a "high powered membership representing Washington's glitterati" and described by New York magazine as "the purest expression of gymness ever built", The Sports Club/LA is a world class sports and fitness complex designed to fulfill your every fitness need.

Please RSVP by January 24th, 2006
Reservations are limited.

Yeah. Going into that glamorous trash can of mine. Not even worth recycling. And WHAT is gymness? Can a magazine just go and make up a completely ridiculous undefinable word?

Anyways, my events went well all day today. My body is in need of some serious rest. And I had to go to Virginia to Target to go buy out the pantyhose section. Funny actually, reading Freakonomics. Levitt is comparing crack to pantyhose. Pantyhose, before Dupont created Nylon in the 30s, were made of silk and a sign of high-class. Nylon allowed them to be used by the masses. Class to the masses. Before crack was invented, cocaine was the drug of high-class 70s society. Crack brought cocaine to the masses. So basically, I'm going through pantyhose in DC like crack. Seriously. Perhaps that's why I'm apparently getting crap mail with gymness RSVPs limited.

We're holding a focus group to discuss our Christmas Card line on Thursday. I am excited to actually use what I learned in Marketing Research class back in college. I am watching the process of designing new cards. Okay, I'm a complete dork, but it's freaking amazing that I'm finally getting that college tuition's use.


  • At January 11, 2006, Blogger Angelina said…

    that gym is ridiculously expensize and retardedly exclusive. There's one here in NY and I think the monthly fee is like a hundred thousand dollars or something.

    whatever. why simply throw money into a burning fire, when you can piss it away on the illusion of exclusivity.

    also, CONGRATS! and your first event thing!!


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