Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Life's too short to care about spilled milk, or something like that...

I'm a different person than I was when I started blogging several years ago. I remember the first time I read Angelina's blog. I tried to understand what it was and why she updated it. Six months later, I found myself fresh out of a long relationship and sorting through an emotional pigsty to recover the person I'd been years before.

My first blog was a mess. I'm surprised anyone even read my ridiculous amount of whining. I deleted the entire thing when I realized my ex was reading it daily and started this one in January 2006. I decided this time around I'd explore my life and emotions in a more editorial way.

I still cannot believe that I retold so many stories from my past and kept this thing going for so long.

But, the thing is, (gag here) I've found myself again in the process. I recall how to laugh things off and truly believe the girl scout motto of "making new friends but keeping the old." When I left NYC, I said, "I'm so sick of fabulous! I just want fun." I'm enjoying the laughter and love in my life these days. Every time I get sad, I remember that none of this wonderful new life would have existed if Jerk and I hadn't broken up. And, on that note, I would like to do something here:

Every time I get sad, I remember than none of this wonderful new life would have existed if Jon and I hadn't broken up.

I'm not angry or sad or hurt anymore. Jon was a huge part of my life, and an important part of helping me find true happiness.

Now the time has come to leave the stories of my past behind and enjoy the humor, heart, and friendship in my life. I've started a new blog, The Thrown Sheep, that basically just reports from the trenches (gmail, gchat, social networking sites) on the constant entertainment surround me.

My friends are quirky and hilarious. I know you'll enjoy hearing more from them.

I leave you with a collection of links to my favorite posts these last couple years (for those of you bored at work, you now have something to read for a week or two).

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And for the two most controversial entries:

-My Intro to Kickball circa June 30th, 2006
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I'd like to admit that I've had an amazing time both playing kickball and partying in Dewey Beach, DE. So, I officially retract my statements above.

And that is all folks. I thank you for reading this blog. I hope you'll need less tissue and patience for the next one.

Much love.


Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Congressional League Softball

I went with Vive and her man to his work team's softball game last night at Haines Point. This was my first time attending the Congressional Softball League's games.

Haines Point, if you've never been, is such a beautiful DC oasis. Besides the wonderful, but slightly odd placement of the Awakening statue (a large man coming out of the ground). I would have chosen the beautiful location for the Iwo Jima Memorial rather than a large statue without a specific US meaning.

As Vive's boyfriend put out the basis, he remarked how this isn't really so much a softball field. The Congressional League also requires captains to schedule their own games since there are over 70 teams involved. Furthermore, no league bar is offered like in kickball, so the team's have to fend for themselves as far as getting good priced beer and wings.

I'd still trade in our bleacher-lined field in AdMo for the view at Haines Point. Sailboats, sun, water, fresh grass.

Their team was ridiculously good. They kicked some serious butt. Watching a guy out in left field catch a low, fast ball thrown directly at his stomach was impressive. It's always more fun watching a winning team.

After the game, we headed to the Hawk and Dove for dinner and drinks. The place was packed with pretentiously dressed young-faced people. Ah, intern season on the Hill. If I were a 24 year old dude, I'd be spending every night out picking up a different new-to-social-climbing-for-a-job folks.

The team was almost dissolved from the bar by 10pm. The company they work for has them at work at 6am, latest. So, no one really stays out, which makes me feel less mistaken for choosing to go to my kickball games over the softball games the last couple weeks.

But, I did meet a wonderful new group of people, and had a blast hanging out with Vive and her man. I think they may be my most favorite couple. I never feel like third wheel. So nice.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Let's Play Catch Up

Saturday night was District Belle and Sassy's Bayside Reunion theme party (aka dress up like Saved By the Bell characters). I went as Lisa Turtle complete with bedazzled Keds, a Malibu Sands Club membership card, and Attic VIP card. Franky dressed like Kelly, wearing a red shirt that said "The Max." KK went as Jesse with caffeine pills, pencils, and a notepad too.

KK and I tried to act out Lisa taking the caffeine pills away from Jesse. We also walked on the metro singing "I'm so excited." and shared our Buddy Bands (colored hair bands) with other folks. I changed my ringtone to the Pointer Sister's rendition of the Hot Sundae song (you gotta know SBTB to get these jokes, btw) at some point in the evening. Jenny had found a Zack Morris brick-style cell phone prop. That was fun.

Sunday was JK's birthday party barbecue with guest appearances by the majority of the Lost Boys.

Monday night, the Mack got tickets through work for us to the Cubs vs Nats game. First row seats. Right behind home plate. Within the "Diamond Club." Free food and drink. Gluttony is my favorite sin. AM: "I think sloth is the most fun one."

In between innings, Franky: "Oh yay! It's the sweepers. That's my favorite part." She was referring to the guys who sweep the field. We then started chanting, "Let's go sweepers" throughout the entire game. Brando: "It's a good thing there wasn't a rain delay. You'd have orgasm from them putting out the tarp."

Tuesday night we celebrated Lisa's birthday at the Big Hunt. His royal douche bag was there, randomly, with a friend of Lisa's. I proceeded to drink as many drinks as I could so as to not punch him in his pompous face. Then, on drink 3, I decided to take a new approach and pretend he doesn't exist. He isn't much worth the energy it takes to hate him.

We left Big Hunt and headed to meet some kickball folks at Rumors where they were ending a bar crawl. I was drunk enough not to be phased by being at Rumors. I must remember that method of dealing with the bar. We then proceeded to Mad Hatter where we waited in line for a bit. The girls all wanted to head to AdMo thinking that they'd do better to get drinks there. I realized by buzz would diminish by the time I got in a cab, waited in a Nolan's line, and then waited for a drink. So, I ended up staying with a bunch of boys I barely know at Mad Hatter for the remainder of the evening.

I went to be at 4am. I woke up at 11am. I officially was conscious around 2pm when I left Franky and the Mack's pool after downing a cup of coffee and a bacon, egg, and cheese bagel from Brooklyn Bagel's in Arlington.

Everyone came over around 4pm to barbecue for the 4th. We ran in and outside about 3 times to avoid the official "scattered showers." Got to love DC summer weather. KK and Lisa made delicious desserts and AM2 brought smoked ribs in a sauce he made himself that would probably be in most death row inmate's last meal request.

We played some Girl Talk, swing danced outside to Sinatra, and chatted about everything until 9pm when we headed to Am2's roof at the St. George for the fireworks show. There, we attempted to get a round of "You're a Grand Old Flag" going, somewhat unsuccessfully.

What an awesome last couple days!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Oh oh oh oh oh. You just have to go and makeout with someone.

I do not like 18th & Red one bit. There bugs crawling on the floor. It was about 700 degrees inside. We had to beg them to turn down the air, and, in the end, a girl from Brando's team had to do it herself. The music wasn't great. There was only space for 1 flip cup table. 1 of the women's bathroom stalls was out of order (so there was only 1 working). There was no soap and a broken sink in the women's stall. The bartenders were slow.

If the alcohol wasn't free from 7pm-12am, I would have left immediately.

District Belle attended and now there's the possibility that she'll play next year too! The Mack made me watch the stall door in the men's room, because the line for the one stall in the women's was wrapped around the block. A couple guys came into pee, and I was holding my camera around my wrist. They asked me not to take a picture of their penises.

Um gross! WTF? Do guys really think we want to see their penises urinating? I think I might barf.

I left, drunk, around 12am. Yawn.

In other news, Franky sent the following humerous email today:

On the trip back from Dewey I explained to Sam that making out in a bar is actually a really easy thing to accomplish. In just a few steps it can be done and after a few times and a few conquests you can be the master of your make out domain.

I present you with the steps below. I am really just making them up on the spot**. Feel free to edit/comment!

1. Look hot. This is more than just wearing something boobilicious or that shows off you ass. I have done both and gone home sans make out. It's also much more than the right bar lighting and mixture of booze, hunger and dehydration. It's about knowing that you are fine and workin it! You have to have your head in the game!
2. Ok so you look hot, have pre-gamed at your girls place before and now need to do a lap. Make sure you are comfortable in your shoes for the night because you may have to walk a lot to find any potential. This requires endurance and speed. You will have to block cigarettes if you are in NoVA, push obnoxious girls who stand in your way and don't roll with your crew in DC, and not trip on the already sticky/gummy/wet floor.
3. On the lap make eye contact and zero in on the target at hand.
4. This is the important part. Have a buddy system. Is he attractive? Is he a smoker? Does he seem single? Ask your girlfriend for advice before going in for the kill.
5. If he is wearing something conversational like high tops, a tee shirt that says, "Single Let's Mingle", or crocs you have your opening line. "Nice shoes/shirt wanna...make out?
6. Too fast, let me slow it down. You should smile and start to talk to the guy about either the song that's on, "This is my jam" or try to bust a move. My dancing skills are sub par at best so I prefer cover band dancing scenarios. The jumping is a natural aphrodisiac, I swear.
7. Ok so conversation is going. Ask him if he'd like to a)do a body shot b)do a shot or c)and this is the "tame" one if he wants to get a drink.
8. Make sure to get his name. Not that this matters but it could assist in the nickname process later.
9. Get closer to him as he is talking about whatever it is. Doesn't matter what he is saying really, unless it's something along the lines of pwning someone. Then the information could be crucial.
10. Finally as you've come in 90%(Thanks HITCH!) he should move in for the 10%.


**OK what am I talking about? I am sooo not an expert. It's all about timing and attitude. Go in for the kill and make sure your surroundings do not have people you have made out with in the past too nearby for this may be a conflict of interest.

Hope these rules help!
Love you guys!!


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Planning for tonight-

From Kid Kickball (I love that name for the president of our league's board. It came from the brown team.)

Congratulations to the 2007 Adams Morgan Division Champions: Playground Punks. They are also the first two time winner in AdMo Division history (see 2005).

Be there at the End of Season party on Tuesday June 26, 2007 at 18th and Red in Adams Morgan to see them receive the new AdMo Division trophy!

And don't forget that the party is FREE for division players. With FREE drinks. Maybe some food. We have a DJ too. 7PM - Midnight.

Its your last chance for that drunken hookup!

Email chain from the girls on my team regarding the above. I'm using Player 1, Player 2, etc., because I don't want to get anyone in trouble:

Player 1: haha... BEST LINE: last chance for drunken hookup....!!! cant wait. plus no one will be in kickball shirts, so we wont have to worry what shade of green someone is on [the girls on our team have exclusively hooked up with only people on the green teams, of course there are about 5 varieties of green, so that's a nice amount of people to choose from] ! i call dibs on drew, the catcher from orange team! haha!!

Player 2: Hahah... I know I saw that. Check check... already done. Which one is Drew...from ugly orange or bright orange. Was he one of the guys from the night Fiery One sucker punched orange team guy with glasses?

Player 1: no... bright orange. not ugly orange. i pointed him out to two of the other girls... kinda cute. bigger guy- looks like he could break you. he asked my name last tuesday after hours.

Player 3: He is cute... go for it! Tomorrow will be fun.... great way to end the season :-).

Player 4: So, is everyone looking all cute? I don't know what to wear.

Me: I am wearing my boobylicious Deweylicious dress (see pics on Facebook). Bright orange and blue make brown. Oh well=) So, you think we can pretend District Belle is someone from the team? Like that random weird girl who never shows???

Player 1: ha... yea, District Belle could blend in as a player on our team.. considering we will be the ONLY girls from our team.

i'm wearing a black dress, similar to my black shirt that ties in back, but a dress version. boobs will most likely be popping out.

i have a work event, ill be there at like 7:30-8. .. ready to booze it up, kickball style

Me: Cool. I nominate District Belle to play random weird girl who never shows up. Sound good?

District Belle: Sounds like fun though... never been to this bar?!?

Text message from Player 1 last night: tried on dress for tomorrow. too slutty i think. need your opinion. i'm definitely coming over after work for outfit advice.

My text message back: sounds good. wear the dress. i am going for showing tits. let's bring tits back.

Email from Kid Kickball today:

As advertised on the website and via numerous emails, the End of Season Party is tonight at 18th and Red (formerly Anzu, 2436 18th St. NW. ) in Adams Morgan. From 7PM to midnight we will have an open bar (with free beer and well drinks), a DJ, maybe some food (undecided), and a very brief awards ceremony.

We will also be unveiling the new Adams Morgan Cup (aka Eastwick Cup in honor of former AdMo President Eastwick). The Cup, similar to the Stanley Cup, records the division winner each year. Each winning team is allowed to hold the cup until the following year.

Playa and Lush of the year winners will also receive their prizes.

The AdMo Division End of Season Party is FREE to division players. $10 for everyone else.

Player 1: hmm... what if District Belle has to check her name at the door, AND in addition show her ID. yes, this is a scenario i thought about while getting dressed this morning. hmm, i mean $10 for all you can drink really isnt bad, if it comes down to it. and well drinks... sam, what are the chances it'll be raspberry stoli? unlikely, yea, damn! see yall tonight. i did not bring a back up outfit, so i will be the one wih the boobs popping out. sam and i are trying to bring it back.. kinda like bringing sexy back- but they're boobs.

District Belle: I think I can swing the $10 if I gotta... =) Well, I'm wearing my dress to work. I'm thinking I might have pushed the dress code just a bit. Oh well!

Me: Awesome! Yeah, cranberry and vodka it is=) And, yeah, I bet it's just a check off at the door- so she's random weird girl who never come to any games.

Player 4: So is everyone dressing up like they're going out?

District Belle: I am ... cute capped sleeve dress. Pretty low v-neck (by my standards, anyway!!)

Player 3: I'm wearing a skirt and tank top... I was looking at my dresses this morning and wasn't feeling any of them....

Player 1: i'm wearing a cute capped sleeve dress too. low v-neck. its all black. i am wearing a tank underneath it to work, and then after work, the tank top comes out!

Player 4: I was gonna wear a green tube top dress with flip flops. Its the same dress i wore on my birthday but actually only Sam saw me and she probably doesn't remember. Whatever, I'm wearing it, i'm sure its fine.

Brando last night: I like that you go out more than me and all. I just wish I didn't have to be on volume control 4 nights a week.

Me: Fair enough. My drinking will slow down beginning on Wednesday.

Monday, June 25, 2007

A Non-Legwarmed Dewbie No More.

Oh what a weekend.
I don't even know where to begin telling you about it. From my new obsession to Kent Island, to SW pulling down a guys pants and exposing him to the whole 80s crowd at the Legwarmers concert, to Lisa and I waking up with our bags in a double bed in Dewey, to dancing on stage at the Rusty Rudder with Kristin and the Noise.
Oh my my my.

I give you a pictorial overview of the weekend.

District Belle met me at the Foggy Bottom metro before we drove over to MS and SW's house for a pre-Legwarmer's party and photo op. She wore her sunglasses on the metro to minimize the looks she was getting for sporting a mini skirt and shoulder showing shirt complete with a rainbow strapped bra. The blue eyeshadow hiding didn't help.
The show was one of the only places where not being in costume would make you look silly.

Standing in the bathroom line- Me: OMG, Led Zeppelin might be playing here. Could that happen? How cool! The Mack: That's Lez Zeppelin. Probably a Lesbian cover band. Not that I wouldn't go or anything.
So much fun!

Saturday morning, we woke up entirely too early and met at Franky and the Mack's to embark on our Dewey Beach adventure. Lisa's got a half share for the summer. She gets a guaranteed bed (which means half a bed if the bed is a queen or double) for the summer. For $50 a night, we get to be guests and sleep on an air mattress on the floor in the house. This also includes alcohol. We decided to try this out for one night before committing to a full weekend in the future.
Peter gave us these crazy awesome directions through the Maryland and Delaware corn fields. We called him to say we were extremely thankful for the hour he saved us. Peter: There isn't a car in sight, I'm sure. How do you like the corn fields? Me: Well besides seeing a dude teaching another dude how to dance and some kids trying to get us to join them in the corn, we're doing okay. Oh and this hot guy on a tractor is writing things in the corn for us.

We laid out for a couple hours and then hit the Lighthouse for infamous orange crush drinks. The Mack had a slight contact malfunction and ended up winking at the bartender. It didn't get us free drinks. Better luck next time.

We showered and joined the other house shares and their guests for a game of flip cup and beer pong at the next door neighbors house. The neighbors were about 40 and had a breathalyzer they kept administering on Franky and the Mack. Once Franky's came out sober, they moved along to another girl.

An impromptu dance party then began. I liked how the only artwork (outside of Bud Light ads on the wall) was hanging crooked. I made the Mack take a picture with me pretending like we were leaning with it. My drink was super strong. It was hilarious at the time.

We danced for who knows how long. Franky and I kept adding alcohol, but no mixers, to our drink. Then we headed to the Rusty Rudder to hear Kristin and the Noise play. I had no idea who the band was, but everyone else seemed super excited. On route by foot, one of the boys suggested the two of us take a rickshaw. The guy had lost his keys and spent the entire weekend whining about it. I called the Mack: Look across the street now. Look where I am. The Mack: What? OMG! How and when did you get in a rickshaw? Think they'll drive Steve back to DC.

After one kamikaze shot, we danced around only to come face to face with a poster that read "They Might be Giants." Lisa is sharing a house with the Giant's crew, randomly, in case you didn't remember. Actually, those we met and hung with that night were completely awesome. The Giant wasn't there, so it wasn't uncomfortable at all. Doubt it would be anyways.

Then we took jello shots. We got some dude to take the photo only to realize later his shirt said "You're looking at a legend." I would never associate with someone who wore something like that normally. Blame it on the shot.

We pushed our way to the front of the stage only to be pulled on to dance with Kristin and the Noise. I gave my camera to a guy from the house who took a million awesome shots of our dance moves. Those guys in the front were really really ridiculously into us. It was sort of gross. No one recalls what songs were playing, and yet, Franky was able to remember the lyrics and song Jesse sang for Rebecca, Nicky, and Alex on Full House ("If every word you said could make me laugh, I'd talk forever...")

We danced on the ground for a while. I don't know who the dude behind us is...

Sleeping arrangements were strange. Franky and the Mack shared a twin bed in a room with another dude from the house. They were woken up by some girls singing to the dude, "Wake up and don't forget your umbrella, brella, brella, hey hey." Lisa and I awoke on the 3rd floor in a full bed when a girl came in from the night out at 7am. We'd fallen asleep with our purses in bed like we were backpacking Europe or something. Perky all the same, we dressed and headed to the beach to lay out and then strolled the Rehoboth boardwalk.

We had a little too much rearranging the magnets in a 5 & 10 on the boardwalk. It kept us laughing all day.

On the way back, we stopped at a WaWa for gas and sandwiches. There, we spotted another Giant. It was a MUST TAKE picture.

Lisa's statement that she didn't get the deal with sandwiches and WaWa sparked a 2 hour debate on the car ride back about sandwiches. We stopped it finally by trying to play 6 degrees. With our brains fried, we managed to figure out a way to trace Andrew McCarthy back to Andrew McCarthy. At that point, we pumped up my mixed cds of teen movie soundtracks and enjoyed the view of Kent Island (I never knew it existed and fully intend to take a day trip there now)!

The end. I left out like a million other funny things (including the following conversation at Mama's Celeste after the bar. Me: Oh, he's cute. Excuse me, how old are you? Guy: 18. Why? Me: Oh, I wish you'd said 20. Oh well. Andrew: He probably should start by wearing shoes. Me: Oops. Didn't notice that.)
I need to sleeeeep.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Let the weekend begin.

from: the Mack
to: Lisa (that's formally CE, but since we now know she dated a computer dork. She gets a name based on the hot chick created by Anthony Michael Hall in
Weird Science), Franky
date: Jun 22, 2007 1:43 PM
subject: Fwd: Starboard Update!!

lisa- i don't know if you subscribe... but i do... DEWEY BALLER....

check out the fun stuff going on at starboard tomorrow!!! PIG ROAST! holler!!

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: <>
Date: Jun 22, 2007 1:36 PM
Subject: Starboard Update!!

June 22nd, 2007 - THIS WEEKEND!

Obviously you will start your day off right here with our incredible breakfast, and a Bloody Mary, Mimosa, Red Bull, or whatever you need to revitalize yourself! Some of you will head to the beach with the beautiful weather, while the rest of you will not even think of bringing a beach chair, as your day will be spent right here with us on our deck! As I always say, Protect your Skin, Not your Liver... spend your daytime at The Starboard!
COORS LIGHT wants to thank all of you that come to Dewey Beach for the Weekends by giving the first 400 of you tomorrow a Gift Bag from Coors Light and The Starboard! At 1pm Saturday, their promotional girls will be here to distribute to all of you that are here drinking Coors Light the gift bag, which is just another great souvenir from your summer of 2007 here in Dewey Beach! Coors Light has helped us purchase a beautiful new smoker/grill that is out in our parking lot to do Saturday afternoon PIG ROASTS!! So beginning tomorrow, you can stop in for some extremely Fresh Pulled Pork BBQ from right out front on our new grill! Could be just the thing to hit the spot when you leave the beach!
Saturday night, DJ Smoky is here and with No Cover charge ever here, the crowds will be huge, and the lines will be long for sure! So get showered up after Jam Session or whatever, and get back here quickly for the best Saturday night spot in Dewey!

We have seen it all here on our Dewey Summer Weekends, Sun, Cold, Wind, Rain, Hurricanes,etc... but this weekend looks to be about as PERFECT a forecast we can get. SUNNY, SUNNY, and SUNNY! Luckily for you, The Starboard is SPF 1000, so you are safe to spend your day in our Air Conditioning! Ha!

TIME TO HIT DEWEY BEACH for the weekend, we are all stocked, ready and waiting here at The Starboard!!
Drive Safely!

from: Franky

This jewish girl loves her piggies! Can't wait to eat them while laying in a blanket on the beach! Mack, I will bring my IU one if you promise not to lose it!

Sooo psyched!!

from: The Mack

hahaha.. wow. i just laughed out loud, and i was on phone when i read this!

pigs in a blanket.ha. damn.

from: Sam

the trojan commercial comes to mind...

from: Franky

hahaha that commercial is on the home page of myspace. I think of you Sam everytime I see it.

uh you know what I mean...

from: The Mack

yea... i notcied it was on myspace too.
i'm just so NOT offended by that commercial... i think its very clever and funny!!

lisa- wanna walk over to my place like 715 or so and ill drive us to ballston.
sam- whats yours and district belle's plan for tonight [for the Legwarmer's concert]?

from: Sam

leaving my place like 7:15-7:30ish and heading down to the pre-party. So, guess all meet there?

from: the Mack

yea. i can fit us all in car. and i think kk is coming over and then will drive to ballston... so lisa we got you covered with car options. everyone better be dressed up tho! i may need to adjust my outfit at the pre-party when i get more accessories from peeps.

oh, i had AR go out today and buy us all ring pops!!! sooo cool, right!

from: Lisa

Haha awesome! I need to leave work early and get my outfit together- I have no idea what I am wearing!! I just emailed my roommate to see if she can be ready by 7:15 and who will be coming. She is infamous for being late, so I don’t want to hold you back- I’ll let you know her deal when she gets back to me. KK is driving too? or just leaving her car in ballston?

from: Sam

Random question not associated with tonight, but sorta associated (my hairs curly for tonight, clearly more 80s). Tomorrow night, if I want to straighten before we go out, what is the primping situation at the house? Should I buy a little stand up mirror?

from: Lisa

There is a “girls only” bathroom and a few mirrors in random rooms (plus 2 other bathrooms with mirrors). You should be okay finding a mirror to straighten your hair….i had no problem last time.

from: Sam

okay. awesome! i'm so HM [high maintenance for the chickish abbreviation oblivious] sometime!

from: the Mack

oh, when it come to hair. i am totally HM. i'm bring hair dryer. straightener. products.
its on!

from: Sam

oh cool. can i use your hair dryer? i'm bringing my straightening iron though, simultaneous straightening to be done.

from: the Mack

done. i don't need a mirror.... i'm that skilled in the art of straightening!

oh, i got a deck of cards too.. yes, unrelated to hair care maintenance.

Perhaps Pitch was right earlier when he decided not to come with us to the Legwarmer's tonight because it might be too many chicks. He declared:

I haven't found something better...I just don't want to impose on your girly group tonight...I might end up waking up saturday morning with breasts.

don't want that.