Monday, February 27, 2006

Customer Feedback to Nordstrom

I am extremely disgusted with the aggressive selling tactics of the staff in your Men's Shoe Department in the Virgina stores. I have higher expectations for your stores as do most of shoppers. Most of us are highly aware that employees in the shoe department work on commission, but the repeated attempts make us feel like we are shopping in a flea market and discourage sales all together.

The first time this behavior occurred was about two weeks ago. I went shopping with my 24 year old cousin for a new pair of Pumas (priced generally under $100). The person helping us brought out a pair of Ferragamo loafers and started to put them on my cousin's feet. I told him very politely that we were not in the market for dress shoes. He then went into a speech about Nordstrom's cedar shoe trees and how much my cousin needed them. We were so put off by the aggressive tactics that we left and bought the shoes elsewhere.

Against my better judgment, my friend brought me to the Nordstrom in Tysons Corner, VA this past weekend. He was looking to spend money on a nice pair of dress shoes. He did actually try on some Ferragamos, but decided on a nice pair of still pricey shoes. When my friend said he was set to purchase the shoes, the Salesman went into the same speech about cedar shoe trees.

I spend quite a lot of money on my clothing. Having this sort of treatment at an upscale department store makes me uncomfortable and makes your store look feel like a used car lot. I would imagine that this type of behavior is not something you would encourage nationally, and I only hope that you are able to mend it before other customers are alienated from shopping at Nordstrom.

I will not be returning to your Men's Shoe Department, if Nordstrom, for quite some time. Please correct the issue.


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