Monday, February 20, 2006

On route to the Macaroni Grill in Silver Spring for dinner on Friday night with my cousin, got stopped in a road block set-up between 15th and 16th St. The purpose was unclear, but it was painless enough.

Jeff believed that this was meant to jack up the revenue the police pulled in that month by issuing tickets to unsuspecting unregistered drivers. He also assumed that they were out to catch the poor, who could not afford to register.

I believed that this precaution was meant to catch potential terrorists and car thieves. I was polite to the police officer and wished her a wonderful and warm evening as we leave.

Typical of the way we both think. I believe that the government is good and that the rich should be allowed to stay rich. Jeff believes that the government is bad and that the rich should use their ample resources to not only feed the poor in the United States but also to feed the poor in third world countries.

I remind him often that in the jungle the weaker animals are dinner for the lions and tigers and bears.

I did get him into a pair of Puma's today. He's been wearing Chuck Taylor's since back when they first resurfaced as stylish within his lifetime. So, even though they're still a mainstay within Indie crowds, now that he's opting to frequent venues with less sweat and more swank, he's realized it is time to leave the Chucks at home. For bar hopping evenings, at least. Or just to appease me.

I pulled for the newer design in Puma's.

We compromised.

Pretty great shoe. Actually, possibly cooler option on second glance. A little more original. I also treated him to a cotton track jacket. Harder than expected to explain what that was exactly. I came up with the following equation: Members Only Jacket + Zip-Hoodie - Hood= Track Jacket. Use as layer over vintage tees.

Tehe. Members Only jackets still make me laugh.


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