Thursday, November 23, 2006

Lord, I've Come Home to You!

Hungover in Bama currently and all dressed up awaiting a trip across Mobile Bay to our family friend's house for Thanksgiving... uh, late lunch? We eat at 4pm. I don't even know what meal that qualifies as, exactly.

I arrived to Bama at 11am. I was up at 5am, blah. Only funny story from the trip home... does anyone else discriminate when they're waiting for a toilet stall? I was in this massive line for the ladies room in Atlanta, and the person who came out of the first open stall looked dirty and gross. I told the person behind me to go ahead. She gave me an evil look and went onward. I guess you could say I'm a bit of a germ-a-phobe.

I completely pretended not to see a girl I graduated with on my flight. My mom pointed her out across baggage claim, so I kept my eyes down the whole time. I didn't feel like hearing what she was doing. Does that make me a bitch?

Last night, Josh and Margie came and picked me up to go downtown and meet a bunch of friends at the bars. We arrived to find one of our friends pretty much hazing Margie's sister. We're 27. He's yelling "finish your damn drink and let's get another. No more of this chatting around. Drink!" I thought were past this point in our lives. John John was driving down from Birmingham and met us out before even going home to drop off his stuff. I was impressed. It'd been more than a year since I saw him. I forgot how much I missed him! There are very few people who I love with all of my heart, especially boys, and John John is one of the dearest people to me.

I drank more drinks than I care to discuss. Bumped into a bunch of people I totally forgot existed. One guy who graduated with me (and looks about 20 times hotter than he did in high school) bought me a drink. "So what have you been up to?" he asked. I cited my job title, organization, and current city of residents. When I went to ask what he was doing, he dodged the question and mentioned to another guy I also graduated with (who was so chubby now I didn't recognize him) how much fun our 10 year reunion will be. Then he said they were going to another bar. I'm still perplexed by why he bought me the drink, but even more confused as to the last 2 people I've run into from high school on my visits home. One only asked if I was married... and then the conversation ended. I was pretty good friends with him in high school too, so it was even weirder that after 8 years no one wants to catch up really. I'm not sure that going to my 10 year will be something I'll enjoy. Honestly, the people I graduated with who I like, I already talk to plenty. The other ones have gotten a bit odder than I recall.

In the midst of a 20 minute conversation with a dude I barely remember from the grade below me, I stepped on a slippery patch of the floor and fell flat on my butt. He walked away which happily ended an uncomfortable conversation, and John John made sure to ask several times throughout the evening if he could get me a chair to fall off of...

Valli, Jamo, John John, and I drank enough to decide to go hear a band at another bar... at 2am... with no one in the bar we went to besides the band and bartenders. 2 of our other friends came and met us. One remarked to me, "I haven't seen you since 50 pounds ago for me." At least he could joke about the weight gain, I suppose. At 3:30am, we decided to head back home. Valli and Jamo stopped by Krystal's though, so John John was sweet enough to give me a ride home. I totally forgot about the drunken stops at Krystal's. I was always more of a late night Waffle House and Taco Bell person, but all the same.

My body is confused about this sudden return to myself in high school. I'm forcing a Red Bull currently down. The plus to age is that at least I can say to my mom now, "Sorry. I'm a bit hungover. I'll perk up soon enough."

Yawn. Off now for some turkey.


  • At November 24, 2006, Blogger LJ said…

    Welcome back to the motherland ;) Sounds like you had a fun welcome back. BTW, I totally discriminate as well on the stalls in the bathroom. Hope you had a good dinner w/ your family, and good call on the Red Bull! See ya back in the District...


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