Monday, November 20, 2006

Recent Humourous Emails

From my mother...

Subject: Washington, DC 7 Years after Clinton.

From Jenny...

Subject: Why it is difficult to eat in foreign countries.

From Ali...

Subject: Hello Maids!

Hello Maids ;-)
I just wanted to write a quick e-mail to link all of you girls up. Everyone keeps asking me what the plan is…and I really don’t know much other than the fact that:

-You 4 ladies will be by my side on August 18th, 2007. God bless ya’ll
-The wedding will be held at a church. (yay! I got out of the whole Catholic thing!) The church is VERY plain and New England-y (is that a word?)
- The ceremony time is set for 4pm
-Reception will be at Saybrook Point Inn (yes, Sam…the very place Frank Sinatra used to stay). Check it out
- I couldn’t resist browsing for bridesmaids gowns when my Mom came to NYC last week. You all know I love blue. Attached is a picture of the gown you girls will wear! I never expected to find it so soon. You can get them at bridal shops in your areas, but don’t worry about ordering until after the holidays. You’ll all look stunning.

Here's what she sent us. Jill couldn't open it and only saw my email back saying "I don't look good in gross!" I got a voicemail from her on Sunday morning, "Sam, since I know you'd be okay with most anything Ali said to wear, I'm extra scared that you seemed so displeased with what she picked. Is it sea foam green? Are we going to look like the Little Mermaid?" Ali's sister responded back " I love it!!!!! They just don't do enough with shoulder ruffles these days. And the color!!!!!!! To die for!!!! "


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