Thursday, January 12, 2006

I ran into Woody on the street. He took off his glove to shake my coworkers hand. Vibe on the first impression according to EG. A 10. Full size umbrella. Tie. Cashmere grey scarf (which I know his mother bought him). So charming. So cute. Asked me out for next Wednesday. He's okay with the Annie Hall reference. Made me promise to see Match Point with him. Dinner and a movie in Georgetown. Despite the cliche, I felt the need to say that my heart racing... be still my heart. Unfortunately, I got ready in 30 minutes this morning. Why couldn't I have bumped into him yesterday or Monday. I looked much cuter both of those days. Fully dressed in heels and a skirt. Today, all in black, hair in tight bun (done soaking wet), long coat. Go figure... Murphy's Law. But The Rules girls would be pleased. I've known about each of our dates a week or more in advance. Perhaps he's read the book? Or maybe they're right. Maybe the good ones really do treat you as you're supposed to be treated.


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