Tuesday, February 28, 2006

It was only $22.50, but still...

I parked my car on U Street overnight on Friday. We had a cluster dinner at IH's and then I stayed over at APK's place. Kate noticed that someone had scratched off the paint on my BMW's front emblem. I called BMW to get a price check. It's only $22.50 to by a new one and takes only a minute to change the emblems out. It could have been worse. They could have removed the emblem entirely or keyed my car. I figured someone must have been drunk on their way back from the bars.

Then today, I had errands to run around Dupont. I noticed over 6 BMWs with scratched off emblems as well. My mind started to race with possible reasons for the vandalism. I came to the final panicked conclusion that a gang in the area had marked my car and others. They would come find my car later behind my house and murder me. Seemed to make the most sense. I would need to turn my alarm on every night and not stay alone for a while. Also, I should notify my neighbors I might be murdered soon. My mother calmly listened to my story. She suggested that I simply drive to the Arlington BMW and have them fix it quickly. Oh, yeah, that was a good idea. She also suggested that I call 311 and tell the police the story. Yep, another good idea.

So it was only $22.50, but if a mass murderer is suddenly discovered killing people who drive BMWs in Dupont, you heard it first from me.


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