Monday, February 13, 2006

Suckers on Saturday Night

What sucked on Saturday night?

- No matches at Nooshi. Running to Smith & Wollensky in the snow to get a book of matches. Crappy wine at Nooshi. Yes, when one picks the cheapest bottle on the menu, perhaps one should not expect Veuve Cliquot, but certainly not Sutter Home either.

- Snow. And not the pretty, day after, beautiful blue sky and white ground sort. Wanted to go out and got stuck in one area slipping around in my stilletos because of snow.

- People in DC who don't know how to properly salt their sidewalk. Seriously, saw a guy this morning cleaning the sidewalk with a hose. Water freezes. Even I know that. I might very well sue someone if I fall on my butt.

- 18th Street Lounge's jacket check policy. It's 2 degrees and snowing. BG loses his coat check ticket. Offers $20 to the girl to give him his coat. He paid $3 to park it there in the first place. We're 4 people... number 808, 807, 805. Obviously, he's 806. They have a sign posted... can't get jacket back till next day if you lose your ticket. They're closed until Tuesday apparently. They still won't give it back. Make him leave in the freezing cold snow without it. Shitty policy. Really wrong.


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