Monday, March 06, 2006

So as not to bore you with all of my thoughts on the Oscars, here's a quick list of what I thought:

-Dude! Michelle Williams looked gorgeous. Here's proving that starring on a hit teen drama series will NOT be the highlight of her career. And here I thought Katie Holmes would end up being the most famous...

- Did anyone else think it was funny that Ryan Seacrest and Isaac Mizrahi were talking about an upcoming wedding on E's pre-show between Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban and then she comes out in something that looked like a wedding dress?

-Um, Jennifer Garner and Sandra Bullock both have really manly faces... I wonder if they are Transamerica style?

-Matt Dillon is just as sexy as he was in Singles years ago. I'd take him in a heartbeat, and he doesn't even have to say "Bless You" to me when I sneeze.


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