Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Here's what's made me laugh this week-

SC's perfect description of a tiny little girl with round glasses that we met at the Gazuza happy hour on Thursday night. The girl is in SC's new cluster and was screaming at some dude on the phone, who is also in SC's new cluster, about how he hooked up with someone else while they were dating. In the midst of our comments on the happy hour while walking back, SC pointed out that "that girl who looked just like a button is going to cause some drama in my new cluster."


My roommate had me snorting from laughing so hard about American's butchering French pronunciation. She's British, if you didn't know that, so when she first came to DC, she kept pronouncing our French words they way they're supposed to be pronounced... so when she asked someone where "Doool" was (Dulles Airport) or "Doopahn" (Dupont Circle) they thought she was crazy.


APK asked me what clothing he should bring to Vegas seriously. He's going with some friends in two weeks. In typical girlfriend mode, I began to pick out the most horrendous items in his wardrobe and suggest that he wear these items together. He looked at me, blushing, when I suggested he wear his bright orange shirt, white pants, logo belt, and grey sport coat out. He has tried wearing a similar combination while in Miami, and his father made him change. Maybe I should just sit back and let him pick out whatever he feels is appropriate... perhaps the "That Stripper Really Liked Me" t-shirt with the orange shirt unbuttoned on top and the plaid Michael Kors pants. Yeah, that just says he'll pick up a quality woman much much hotter than I am.


We have been invited to a William Howard Taft party on Saturday night. I had to share the Evite. The text reads:

Have you ever:

(A) Grown a mustache?

(B) Run for a political office?

(C) Gotten physically lodged in your own bathtub?

WELL then, we're glad we just invited you! This is because, on June 3rd, our house will be host to The 2006 William Howard Taft Lookalike Contest, where Taft wannabees from as far away as Arlington, VA will come to present their personal interpretation of the life and times of the 27th President of the United States (nickname: "pudgy-wudgy boy").

(Note: This party theme was the result of five solid minutes of roommate brainstorming late last night, and truly shows that four young men who want to have another party won't let something such as "not having a reason to" stop them.)

(Note 2: If someone actually shows up looking like William Howard Taft, the status of this party would instantly skyrocket from "the lamest party of the year" to "the dumbest party of the year". Some advice: he probably wouldn't wear flipflops).


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