Monday, May 22, 2006

Challah, Superheroes, BO, and Prada

To sum up my weekend-

LC, a teacher, ran home during lunch on Friday to prepare the greatest challah I've ever had for our dinner at her house on Friday night. I didn't even need the rest of the gluttonous dinner. I could have lived completely on the challah.

Saturday, APK and I went to SG's Superhero party out in Falls Church. One of her roommates orchestrating the event made her own incredible Incredibles costume. I drank my glass of wine out of a paper Spiderman cup while staring at a poster of Wolverine taped to the wall. SG, who biked 27 miles uphill Saturday morning, didn't feel like wearing any particular costume. She was dressed in a speedo atop spandex leggings with a red sequined fabric draped over her shoulders and a swimming cap. I think she should have titled herself, Super Swimmer Girl. Her boyfriend wore a pink bandana, black spandex bikini bottoms and pink soccer socks. He actually called himself Metrosexual Man. I made them take a picture in my camera phone so that every time they call I can laugh at the outfits again.

We left Falls Church around 10:30pm and headed to Adams Morgan to Bourbon for some Israeli DJs... APK was much more into getting to this event than I was... in fact, when an unanticipated line had developed to get in, we broke into an argument about his impatience and my not caring if we went at all.

Upstairs at Bourbon's Blue Room, the room smelt horrible. Israeli's getting really into Middle Eastern hip-hop without proper deodorant does not make for a good time. I thus spent the majority of the evening chugging alcohol in the attempt to make the room smell less. It didn't work, but we had a good time hanging in the back of the room next to the windows. APK enjoyed dancing to the music and asked me at least 500 times why I wouldn't dance too. I don't like dancing. I especially don't like dancing to music I don't know. Even more, I don't like dancing to music I don't know in a room that smells like a Frenchmen's locker room. My alcohol tasted good though.

Sunday morning I met SG, JG, and JK for brunch. Then headed to Saks and Barney's in Friendship Heights with APK. I fell in love with a pair of Marc Jacobs Jellies which they, of course, didn't have in my size. I found these on-line for a quarter of the price, so I may order them. APK bought two lovely shirts at Saks... and I'll spare you all the details of my convincing him that the John Varvatos shirt was sexy. Thank goodness he wasn't that into the ruffles many of the shirts were sporting. Men in ruffles? I'm just getting used to men in capris. Give me a little while longer to convince myself that every guy I know didn't inherit the gay gene.

Anyways. Funniest comment by APK while shopping at Neiman Marcus-

"So has Prada just completely given up trying to sell to heterosexuals."


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