Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Country Roads Took Me Home-

APK and I got back into DC yesterday afternoon. It was hotter in DC, by the way, then Mobile.

We kicked off Memorial Day with a happy hour Thursday night in DC at Gazuza. I don't like Gazuza. I think I'm the only person who feels this way though. The inside smells. I've been to plenty of hooka bars, my 26th birthday dinner was at Le Souk in New York afterall, but nothing smells like Gazuza. As you walk in the door, a layer of smoke attacks you...

But the happy hour was mainly outdoors, luckily.

APK is totally hypoglycemic so we left around 9:30 to get Chipotle, another place I'm not that into- I just think it's overpriced and overhyped. We were up at 5:30am for the flight to Mobile.

So highlights from the trip- APK's not a dog person. My dog is not a dog person either- she's a little human trapped in a dog's body (and yes, I know all dog lovers believe this about their pet). So Peaches, my 15-year old dog, went into APK's bag and stole his package of breath mints. My mom found little wrapper pieces all over the house. APK kept the door to his room closed for the remainder of the trip.

At a bar with a good friend of mine growing up on Saturday night, APK looks around and declares, "If I liked blondes, this would be the place to be." My brunette friend and I nodded knowingly.

We went to another one of my friend's houses on Sunday to swim and lay out. Her new husband is a millionaire. He started a business in college that does really well. She lives in a 10-acre house with a pool and 2 6-foot plasma televisions. He drives a Porshe. What did APK choose to be impressed by? My friend points out the full size baseball field her husband is building on the other side of the lake on their property. APK looks out with admiration and states "This guy is my hero." My friend is definitely still grounded though. She still wears JCrew, cleans the house herself, and gives herself pedicures. See, if I suddenly came into millions, I'd hire a full-time housekeeper and get my toenails done every single day. But that's just me.

APK ate entirely too much apparently. I heard about how full he was over and over again... but of course encouraged him to order the fried okra, fried green tomatoes, and fried oyster and shrimp po-boy. Heck, we were in the South! Fried food is a staple.

We had dinner with my parents at Felix's Fish Camp on the water on Saturday night. A guy I graduated high school with was a waiter. I spoke to him briefly. Here's what you can imagine my life would have been like if I had stayed in Mobile:

Guy: Hey. I didn't recognize you.
Me: Yeah, well it's been 8 years. How are you doing?
Guy: Good. Making some money over the summer. You married?
Me: No. I live in the North now. We get married later. Are you married?
Guy: No. They get married too early here.
Me: Well, you should move to DC. The average age is 30.
Guy: Yeah. Well, you should ask for me the next time you come to dinner here.
Me: Will do.

I suppose no women really talks about their careers in Mobile. Funny that I have no idea what he is doing with his life. Only thing I know is that he's unmarried. I imagine that if I'd stayed in Bama, not being married and with child might be a bigger deal.


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