Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Little Engine That Cried-

I have a serious issue with noise pollution. Such an issue, in fact, that I adore the law in NYC that fines drivers for beeping.

I'm aware that it's not just me who feels this way. The sirens in DC are definitely about 10 times louder than in any other city I've visited. I'm even more aware that these engines tend to omit their loud beeping as well. I never held my ears in New York. Not when the subway screeched to a halt in the W. 4th St. station. Not when the Puerto Rican Day Parade made it's way up 6th Ave. Not even when the drilling for the new Bank of America building rattled my old office building walls. I just got used to it.

And yet, in DC, my ears feel like they might begin bleeding at any moment. Even when I'm driving with Kelly Clarkson or Jessica Simpson playing as loud as I can stand.

So, here's my argument against the sirens.

It's not so much the noise. It's the panic. The sirens and beeping are so loud that you can't tell where they are or how near to you they are... meaning that in the brain numbing state they induce, I don't know if I should pull my car to the side or not. And, since generally they are streets and streets away, I don't even move over anymore. Not until they are literally in view of my rearview mirror. Seems others are the same. Creates an adverse reaction, basically.

Perhaps they should either STOP BEEPING on top of the sirens or lower the sirens a decibel. Then maybe we'd react quicker.


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