Friday, July 14, 2006

Question for Newt- from Ralph.

Got this e-mail from Ralph. Sent to APK, Taffy, and I dwelling on the fact that no one asked a question-

I'm not sure if this is really funny, but I thought this through on the way home last night and came up with what I believe would've been, in retrospect, the best question to ask Newt. Anyway, it was funny to me. The basic idea is to frame a question that:

A) says Newt Gingrich looks like Ted Kennedy
B) calls Newt "the most reviled man since Nixon"
C) quotes "Rage Against the Machine"
D) cannot be interpreted as a hostile question

By the way, I'm not sure why, but I ideally I imagine Taffy asking this question, not me.

So here it is, and you have to imagine that the guy asking the question believes he is being respectful but is very nervous.


Hey... NEWT! Um... its awesome to talk to you. I read both of the last two books and I'm, like, really into history, but, I guess this is kind of embarassing but I'm not really into current events and I didn't realize that you were even... like... a congressman until I saw the flyer for this event.

My friend said you were... um... like... oh-what did he say--OH YEAH!


Like, I had no idea you were such an important figure. Thats like--its kind of shocking to me because I've just been reading your books... (goes into a mumble)
But... anyway... I'm going to ask a question and all I'm just... I'm sorry... I'M SORRY!--so my question is...
Oh, you know who you look like by the way? Ahh--um... Ted...


Does anyone ever tell you that? Like, you could be his brother. You look a lot like him.

You do.
Anyway, my question is:
As you, sort of "see the world through American eyes", as Zack De La Rocha of Rage Against the Machine would say, like, how do you think America should, I guess, just like, see its place in the world?



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