Thursday, July 13, 2006

Are we there yet?


At 3pm today, I meet with the Nephrologist to discuss what my test results have come out looking like... I slept about 3 hours last night.

My dad passed his annual stress test yesterday with flying colors. I have to concentrate on that... even though it seems quite dramatic... it does help for me to think about it this way-

If I had to choose between my own health results coming back okay or my dad's, I'd choose my dad's. So, if the world is balancing and one of us has to have bad results... I'm happy it's me. Come on, you had to know I was a bit of a drama queen. They didn't nickname me Brenda Walsh for my stability!

Strangely, I'm a Libra, Libra's rule the kidneys.

Each sign rules structural, external and internal relationships. Libra
rules the excretory functions through the kidneys and skin. Externally it rules
the lumbar region, buttocks, adrenals and vasomotor system. Structurally, the
sign rules the lumbar vertebrae. The pathological tendencies of this sign are
lumbago, kidney disease, uraemia, polyuria, renal calculi and oedema. Libra
rules the kidneys, lower back and ovaries. Lower back pain, and problems caused
by too much sugar or rich food are common complaints.

I guess I should just be thrilled that my buttocks aren't what is being examined. APK is a Gemini. He rules the Breath apparently. I won't say more, but if he's reading this, that's pretty scary.

Last night, I went to a happy hour at Alero with APK, Suave, and the Master. Lots of people. $4 margaritas. Very good combination. The Master ended up meeting a fraternity brother of APK's. Very cute fraternity brother. They had mega-charged chemistry all night. Except for one of those hovering girls who wouldn't get the hint that she should exit stage right by the way the Master and her new man were hugging and trying to end the conversation. She just stuck around. For like 30 minutes. I made APK wait for the first 20 so that the Master wasn't put into too awkward a situation (figured if there was a group of us, all the better). I don't know when hoverer got the hint... but oy vey, if I didn't say so before.

He's a good fellow. I hope it works out.

Tonight, I'm off to the National Press Club to hear Newt Gingrich talk about his new book, the last in a trilogy, about the Civil War. Apparently, the books change history... bumping up Lee's surrender and changing the outcome of battles. Quite strange. Should be interesting all the same.


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