Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Fruity Cheerios

Fruity Cheerios taste exactly like Fruit Loops. I still feel better about eating Cheerios. I guess the ad campaign has worked on me... the one where the kid puts Cheerios in his dad's blazer pockets so his dad's heart stays healthy. Fruit Loops remind me of Tucan Sam and sugar and obesity.

APK made me watch Dateline's investigation of the lawsuits against food manufacturers by people who are fat. I don't know where I stand. On the one hand, I've not eaten at McDonald's since Super Size Me. On the other hand, I don't know that I blame obesity on McDonald's alone. I don't know that I believe you can be addicted to food. Scientists are studying this crap too... like we don't still need a cure for AIDS or Ebola. So what, you're addicted to food, does it matter if science has proved it?

I firmly believe DC is a city of 20-somethings who don't want to work. I know that residents of DC like to describe the crowd as really smart and out to save the world... but all I'm seeing, thus far, are a bunch of people who get out of their top colleges, bounce around from job to job for 3 years, and then go back to school for 3 more years to get a degree that they didn't really need anyways.

I'm in Marketing. My employers could care less if I come in with 12 degrees. I need experience and a portfolio to get a job. My acquaintance from college, 4 years older than me, left his job, not in Marketing, in New York to go to Scotland and get an MBA. I believe he's now been living at home in Virginia for 2 years looking for a Marketing job. I guess, honestly, I don't fully understand fields outside of Marketing, PR, Publicity, and Advertising. Maybe you do need certain degrees for advancement. In my world, if you want an MBA, you best get it part-time. No employer will hire someone out of MBA school for the price of an MBA graduate without the experience for the money. Unless you went to Harvard. Or you're seriously connected.

I've met about 25 assistants in DC who tell me they have a graduate degree before they tell me what they do for a living. Or they tell me where they live.

The names of the buildings in DC are hysterically pretentious. A shack in the middle of Northeast would still be named "The Rockefeller." Some of my favorites-

"The Camden Roosevelt"
"The Hamilton House"
"The West Park"
"The Dupont Executive"
"The Alexandra"
"South Cathedral Mansions"
"The Imperial House"
"The Latrobe"
"The Andover House"
"Westbrooke Place"
"The Lansburgh"

I love when people ask you the name of your building. I think they just want to say the name of their building. In New York, my best friend lived in one of the most gorgeous buildings with rentable apartments. It was called simply by it's address. No fancy name needed. It's like everyone in this city wants to pad themselves with fancy titles and buildings and activities rather than getting to work on developing a personality or a resume.

I'm not bitter, if it sounds like that, it's just something I find rather humorous. I live in an adorable late 19th-century townhouse. I have a back patio, central location to Dupont and Foggy Bottom, washer/dryer, parking, and a fantastic British roommate. I think maybe we should name the place something really pretentious. We can call it "The Kissimytoosh."


  • At August 23, 2006, Blogger Irish Red said…

    HEHE - couldn't agree more! (Re: I have 2 master's degrees and a mountain of debt, but I open mail for a living)

    Thanks for the link, doll!



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