Monday, August 21, 2006

Boys Boys Boys.

Suave and I attended the Embassy of Australia’s luau happy hour on Friday evening. Accents all around make for a much more attractive crowd. A tall boy with a baby face and a medium build was standing in a circle near ours. I asked Suave’s roommate, the person who invited us to the happy hour, who he was and whether or not he was Australian. He was Canadian. I lost interest in talking to him. What’s the point in talking to a Canadian accent at an Australian happy hour?

APK came over for dinner around 8pm. There was little that I miss about Jerk’s family other than his nieces, but I do favor the way they dined. Italian. They’d take hours and serve several courses… make a meal into an evening. If I’d been able to deal with their pretentious, opinionated bullshit conversations, I might have enjoyed this a bit more. But, I wanted to try it out. First course served at 8pm- prosciutto and basil wrapped in mozzarella and ciabatta bread. Caesar salad for second course at 8:30pm. Gnocchi in vodka sauce at 10pm. Then turtle cookies with pecans, caramel, and chocolate chips. APK was asleep on the couch before the cookies. Jews vs. Italians, I suppose.

Saturday, Grants Boy and I headed to the Woodley Park Marriott pool. If you live in Woodley Park, you can go to the pool for $5 a person per day. Peter alerted me to this fact. We lied and said we lived in his building… technically, in his exact apartment. He was at the beach anyways.

The pool was packed full of chairs and trees and children. Not much sunlight or quiet. I found the loud children cuter than usual. Very cute. Then I freaked and decided I must be pregnant, because I wasn’t nearly annoyed enough. Luckily, on the way to meet GB at Sonoma off Capital South metro, a crying baby gave me a horrible head ache. Not that I like that I’m a bit impatient with children, but I’d worry if it suddenly lifted without my being in a serious relationship that made me think about having children of my own. Definitely not pregnant.

Sonoma’s got wine on tap. I guess it’s artistic. Although, I don’t like the idea of wine being put in the same vantage point as beer in most bars. My $8 glass of recommended wine wasn’t very good. Next up, $15 glasses of wine served out of a winerator.

We got dinner and drinks at Capital Lounge afterwards. Very laid back. Not at all what I assumed Capital Hill was like. I guess I agree with my roommate. I don’t much care for the “Who do you work for?” question. I don’t like the name dropping, coiffed hair, seven gazillion degrees for a $35,000-a-year job types… so I’ve avoided the Hill. On the weekends though, it is very laid back and fun. Low key. Not that I talked to anyone besides a group of people I already knew, but still.

Suave was at Gazuza so we met her there. Her male friend bonded with APK and GB. Bonded and bonded. They all like techno music, dream of learning to scratch albums on turn tables, grew up in or around Philly, and watch soccer religiously. The night was made for their bonding. They exchanged cards at the end of the night. Very cute. Boys boys boys. They bond so differently than girls.
I just finished watching The Fantasia Barrino Story on Lifetime. Had I known all that, I might have voted for that finale. I’ve been an avid watcher and voter every season except that one. They should have played up her back story more. Not that it mattered. 65 million votes anyways, and she won regardless. Just saying, for me. And what’s with Dwayne Wayne playing her father? Not the part I want to see him in. He’s more the handsome leading man type.

Okay, off to bed.


  • At August 21, 2006, Blogger Irish Red said…

    Hillarious! And I can completely relate to the - what's wrong with me? These children are too cute! Quick! I need to say something sarcastic and bitchy about why my cat is so much better than having a kid!

    Nice One :)



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