Friday, September 15, 2006

Encyclopedia Chapter 2006

I went with Peter, Ralph, and two Lost Boys to the Red Sox vs. Orioles game last night at Camden Yards. They're from the Boston area and huge Sox fans. I was excited to get to say the line from Fever Pitch, "They'll break you heart, kid." Of course, Peter corrected me by saying the phrase without the Rs. I bought one of those massive, phallic, 1/4 pound beef hot dogs. When I ordered a diet coke to go along with it, the woman behind the counter laughed. I suppose I'd laugh too...

Here's a sign from a church yard near Camden Yards.

I've been inquisitive lately. I sometimes get in these patterns... like a small child who wonders about everything. One of my favorite childhood books explained where snot came from and why bees pollinate. I was joking that I needed one for adults... which I then realized would be the Encyclopedia... but whatever.

Anyways, so here's what I've looked up recently.

Where does the dirty meaning of pussy originate from? Here's how Wikipedia started the analysis. It made me giggle.

Pussy is both a slang word referring to the vulva and vagina, and an affectionate term for a cat. Thus it can be used as a double entendre. In a less vulgar sense, it can also be a derogatory term implying general weakness or cowardice.

I looked up the history of the folding chair after a boring meeting that had me thinking about anything besides whatever the speaker was rambling. Did you know that folding chairs have been around since Egyptian times?

Last night, I learned that the Orioles walked a Red Sox player, because it was bases loaded and 1 out. They were hoping to get a double play and end the inning, however the move was extremely risky. It was great when the Red Sox won, because it serves the Orioles right for being arrogant.

Peter explained the Ks on the scoreboard denote strikes. He didn't know why that abbreviation was chosen... and with three strikes it looked like white sheets and burning crosses were welcome at the game... apparently, it is not that interesting a story. K is credited to Henry Chadwick, who is responsible for most of baseball abbreviations used today. S was already being used to shorten Sacrifice, so K came from the last letter in Struck. You can read more here.

Wednesday night, APK explained to me the three types of connected relationships people can have according to his father, a Psychiatrist. You can have two lines that form an A... leaning on one another, unable to stand on their own. You can have two lines that form an H... able to stand alone but connected in the middle. Or, you can have an two lines that form an I... unable to separate from their partner. He then quizzed me to see which one I'd like to have. I chose a Pi. Two lines standing alone but connected at the head, not the middles... you take that to mean whatever you imagine...

With all this talk of ketchup being the forgotten condiment, I wanted to know when it was actually invented.

Hope you enjoyed what I've learned...


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