Saturday, September 02, 2006

I’ve been judged...

At Whole Foods.

I had 3 Kashi frozen meals, 3 bottles of wine, and a 6-pack of organic root beer (I don’t know what that means, exactly).

The check-out woman puts it all in one paper bag. I went to lift it, and my arm just about fell off. I asked if she could please separate it into two bags so I could distribute the rate between two arms.

“We try to encourage people to conserve resources,” she says to me.

Goodness gracious. I think she was just too lazy to remove some of the items and replace them in another bag.

“Thank you. I understand,” I said, “but I have to carry these, and it will be impossible without two bags.”

The man behind me gave me an appalled look. Holy shit! I wanted 2 recycled bags, not a freaking fur coat.

She rolled her eyes and put 1 of the wine bottles into another bag. Just one bottle of wine. Irritated I stood at the credit card swipe and put another wine bottle, and 1 Kashi meal into it.

What happened to the customer is always right? I guess if you’re Whole Foods, you get to throw your nose in the air.


  • At September 05, 2006, Blogger Irish Red said…

    Ya know, it's just as easy to recycle 2 brown bags as it is one. You bought ORGANIC BEER for crying out loud! What more do they want you to do?

    Well for a store that snubbs the rest of the McDonald's eating world, I suppose you shouldn't be surprised.

    P.S. Whole Foods is too elite to care about the customer.


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