Thursday, January 12, 2006


On my walk home from work last night, I walked past another entire family resembling Skeletor... from He-man. This may seem a strange comparison to some, but there's an entire DC race of people that look like actual skulls. I assume that with all the inbreeding in the cities past, perhaps they just keep prospering. Woodlawn Plantation was home to George Washington's nephew, who married Martha Washington's granddaughter. Gross. Yeah, why don't you think about that for a second.

And no one else here seems to notice these skeleton like people. They're not particularly skinny... but many are particularly light haired. Their noses look as if a layer of skin is all that separates the nose from the skull. They have long, John Kerry-esque, faces. Really.

I went to the Madhatter on M Street with JM last night for happy hour. Apparently, if you were the type who would do anything at all for a free drink, you can wear a crazy hat to the bar, and the bartender may award you a free drink. Happy hour included $2.75 house wine. It wasn't the best, but who cares at that price. Burgers and starters were half priced. Dinner was $14 for JM and I. His friends Elvis and C came to meet us. C was hot... Honestly... strawberry blonde hair, buff-body, plus he worked for NASA and wants to be an Astronaut. So yeah, hottie. Since I'm not off the market yet, I can still look. Except... he had that Skeletor nose thing going on. And I wondered, after 2 months here, am I starting to be conditioned to find this attractive as well? I mean Hitler was 1/4 Jewish?


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