Wednesday, February 08, 2006

My Shirt is Too Sexy For Me...

My new JCrew tuxedo shirt is so cute! I am wearing it today with a light blue cashmere shell and a black wool skirt, and I just feel so special.

Last night, we went to David Greggory for Happy Hour which lasts until 10pm on Tuesdays. The pizza was definitely the only filling appetizer on the $5 special menu. Three deviled eggs for $5 wouldn't kill the appetite of even a Barbie Doll.

We had much to celebrate. SG's birthday is today, and she just got an awesome new job in DC. Currently she's working and living in Virginia.

Interviewer: So why do you want to come work for Company X.

SG thinks: Well, the location of Company X in downtown DC makes for a much better commute for my after work social calendar. It's difficult commuting from Virginia for happy hour.

SG says: Company X has excellent opportunities for growth, and the work that I'd be doing at Company X seems like something I'd really enjoy doing for many years to come.

APK came to the happy hour last night and highly impressed the crowd. I know it's a bit high school to still care what your friends think about someone... but seeing as AW thought my ex was "total tool" the whole time we were together, I get concerned now that I'm not seeing something someone else does. But SG thought APK was very cool. Good. And we decided, APK and I, that we look a bit like a Brooks Brothers commercial together, which also makes me happy... seeing as it took me almost 2 years to get my ex out of acid wash denim circa 1985.

Tonight, I'm off to Cloud for a 25-30 year old Cluster through Gesher City. IH is coming with me. We figure that even if it sucks, we can down a couple $5 Appletini's and make it a fun time afterall.


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