Friday, February 03, 2006

Dressed up for Success

Went to the Pentagon City Mall on Wed. evening to help with the monthly Dress for Success clothing drive. Dress for Success is a non-profit that helps women find jobs by giving them monthly support/ networking group meetings and by giving them suits to wear on interviews and to the office. The concept is based on the concept of giving someone in need of food a fishing poll rather than a fish. One fish will last one meal, but a fishing poll will allow someone to eat for the rest of his life. It's a great organization, and I adore volunteering for them. Here's what I learned from helping with sort the donations:

1) I will never again think I am overweight. I hung a skirt, size 34, on a hanger. I'm a size 4. That's almost 9 of me.

2) People have lousy taste in clothing. We had over 7 bags of clothing not suitable for work or anywhere else sent to another charity.

3) People are lazy about donations. Clothes came in pilled, smelling of moth balls, covered in cat hair, and full of stains. I guess they feel like people in need should just be happy to have clothing.

Last night I went out with IH and her friends to Helix Lounge. Half-priced burgers and peach martini's. When you walk into the hotel lobby a curtain is hanging in the doorway. Everyone goes to move it, and doh! it moves itself open. Then you feel like a jackass. A group of middle-aged random men were congregated in one corner with name tags. They kept asking the whole bar to be quiet. If they didn't want noise, they should have either rented out their own bar or found somewhere less trendy with less desirable happy hour specials. Anyways, JL came for some drinks too. We were guessing what they were all doing together. We decided it was either a prep-school class reunion from 1949 or a business happy hour. Turns out it got even stranger. The mismatched group all began dancing with one another. Ballroom dancing. To Madonna songs. And then this Drew Carrey look-a-like was making out with this Val Kilmer look-a-like. I stopped trying to figure it all out and continued to drink.

That's all to report. I am resting right now. Half sick and half tired. Must not let this ruin my weekend!


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