Tuesday, February 07, 2006

What's Going On

Going on in my life right now:

  • Happy Hour until 10pm on Tuesday's at David Greggory. Going out for SG's birthday tonight for $5 appetizers and $4 glasses of wine.
  • Cosi in Dupont Circle sucks. CG wanted a Chicken T.B.M. today at lunch. The man making the sandwich rolled his eyes at her and then proceeded to take about an hour to make the damn thing, while I waited hungry, because she asked him to put Basil on the Chicken Tomato Basil Mozzarella sandwich. It took them about 10 minutes to pour me my diet soda. They call the medium size soda a "Grande" (which isn't even cute at Starbucks). My sandwich and soda cost $9.00. I went on-line to e-mail their corporate customer service center, and they're overly designed and slightly pretentious webpage has no way to contact them. No wonder their stock price is falling. I don't care how good the bread tastes, that place is a no go for me.
  • Hammond-Harwood House has been called "the most beautiful doorway in America" by architectural historians. I love the symbolism of a beautiful doorway. Welcoming. Warming. Allowing others to imagine what lies on the other side. I want a beautiful doorway someday. I want marble detailing and one of those gold lion knockers.
  • I overheard the life story of a future rapper (FR) in the bathroom at Nordstroms. Will hear about this kid's traumatic childhood in about 10 years.

FR: [crying] I didn't mean to go. I didn't mean to go. I didn't mean to go.

Mom of FR: Stupid boy. Pissing on yourself. So stupid. What are you crying about? I'm the one who gots to change your stinky pants.

FR: [crying] Not stupid. Not stupid.

Mom of FR: I told you hold it til' I bought the stuff. You gotta learn to hold this. I'm gonna stop changin' you and make you wear the stanky clothes around if you do dis' again.

FR: You stupid. You stupid. [laughing] You stupid. Ma stupid.

Mom of FR: Boy, you gonna get beat you keep talkin' to me that way.

I'm picturing a loaded hand gun in that kids backpack in a year or two. Well, if he doesn't piss on himself and end up being sent home for stinking.


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