Monday, February 06, 2006

Woody Becomes Foxy

Friday night's conversation:

Woody: It's weird to read "I woke up with Woody next to me" on your blog and take it seriously.

Me: Oh. Yeah. That's a bit strange I suppose. But it's an Annie Hall reference.

Woody: I remind you of that guy? He's neurotic. I hope I don't remind you of that guy.

Me: I find him endearing. Besides, that's one of my favorite movies. When I say Woody, I mean the character Woody plays in Annie Hall… not the Woody who married his step daughter.

Woody: Either way. Not good.

Anyways, I'll call Woody something else now. It is a bit strange having relations with someone you've nicknamed Woody. I think I'll go with Alex P. Keaton. While I'd like to go with Alvie Singer, I'd hate to have you all think he's neurotic or the type of guy who would sleep with my step daughter. He's adorable and smart and cute… so APK it is.


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