Monday, February 06, 2006


Went out Saturday night with SG, JM and company to the Velvet Lounge to hear several bands. We only stuck around for 2 if by Sea, a Baltimore band.

Danny's comments: I've never seen a bunch of guys in a band who looked so much like a bunch of guys in a band. The lead singer is wearing Keds. How cool that he's actually wearing Keds.

Me: The lead singer looked like Adolf Hitler.


SG and I after several minutes of giggling at Adolf: Hot guitarist would be divine in bed. Hot guitarist has great ass. Hot guitarist has no wedding ring. Hot guitarist sweating is sexy. (Well these were really my reviews, which SG agreed upon.)

The music was circa-70s and 80s. Certainly catchy enough. The acoustic music was excellent (and not just cause the hot guitarist was playing this element), but the voice of the lead singer kind of sucked (and not just because he looked like Adolf Hitler.) Then again, I was too busy staring at the guitarists cute tooshie...

Last night I spent Super Bowl Sunday at APK's friend's place. How does one tell a chef that there Guacamole had too many onions in it politely? Especially since the chef hasn't been able to eat avocados since she was 16 due to an allergic reaction and made this dish purely for the pleasure of her friends. I suggested that there's no polite way. Best option is to tell her that you feel bad having her make something she can't enjoy and that from now on you can bring that dish. Dilemmas dilemmas... I bet soldiers in Iraq are feeling the same level of anxiety that we are about guacamole having too many onions.


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