Thursday, March 30, 2006

In My Opinion-

There are 2 types of "pretty girls."

Type 1: Pretty HOT girls.
Type 2: Pretty Pretty girls.

Pretty HOT girls never seem to have boyfriends, but always seem to be surrounded by guys. They dress hot. They talk about how much they eat even when they way 5 lbs. They touch men as they speak to them in the most inappropriate areas. They tend to clan together. They mention to one another how hot they all are. They hang out at bars, usually the same bar, often. They always feel they are "way" hotter than the girls dating the guys they think they want. They tend to go home with guys they meet in bars and say things like "I never do this with a guy I first meet." They show off their breasts. They show off their looks. They leave a party if there aren't any attractive men. They decide an evening was bad when they've not met an attractive me. They bitch about not meeting good guys. They knooooow the bartender. They knooooow the bouncer. Their grad school professor has a "wicked crush" on them. They end up going home with a guy with a girlfriend and then complain about the guy staying with his girlfriend. They wonder why a guy never sticks around. They are so hot afterall. A guy's first impression is "she's really hot," but as he gets to know her, she becomes stale.

Pretty PRETTY girls always seem to have boyfriends. They like to have fun, at a bar or watching television with their girlfriends. They get along with most people. They circulate at parties. They diet. They straighten their hair and get facials and manicures and pedicures and new clothes. They know how to make themselves look pretty. They would never even consider a guy who's in a relationship. They want to fall in love. They flirt well. They would like to meet a good guy. They're not opposed to meeting someone at a Single's mixer or on-line. They're pretty when they are dressed up and cute first thing in the morning. They don't frequent any bar, although they always have something on the agenda. They know that they are pretty, but they like to hear a guy say it. They are often insecure that other girls are prettier than them, but they've learned to build a personality all their own. They know they'd be missed if let go. They have good careers and ambitions. They're not scared of growing old. A guy's first impression is "hmmm, she's not bad," but as he gets to know her, she becomes beautiful.

To summarize- in my opinion- a guy dates a pretty Pretty girl and bangs a pretty Hot girl.


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