Thursday, March 23, 2006

Ella's Enchanted

Mmmmmm... free pizza! Went to Ella's last night with JM, IH, and AZ for happy hour. Their yummy sangria was $3.30 a glass, and they put out free pizza throughout the night. My total cost was $8. Plus, it's right across from the Gallery Place/ Chinatown metro stop, so it's completely accessible.

IH got us both carded by the bartender. Maybe it was the freezing cold or perhaps the bartender spoke a little jumbled, but she didn't catch that he said Yuengling was on special for $3.30. She thought he was pointing to some other obscure beer on tap. Without realizing what was going on, she asked him what that beer was... to which he responded "Uh an American Beer, can I check both of your IDs." Needless to say, if you're under 21 trying to get a drink, don't ask the bartender about common beers.

JM had a drink sent over to him. He was with 3 girls. The bartender only indicated that the drink came from "an admirer by the window." I guessed it was a dude who sent the drink over. I backed this guess for 2 reasons. 1) No female would send a drink to a guy standing with 3 girls and 2) Only a gay dude would recognize that JM was not flirting or into any of the girls he was with (b/c he has a girlfriend, but all the same). No one else agreed. Wishful thinking. Upon our exit, JM asked the bartender if a guy or girl sent the drink. 'Twas a dude.

I just got my new summer purse in the mail from Saks. It's white leather by Kate Spade. I've not bought a Kate Spade bag since the black nylon bag phase hit UMass in 1999. Thus my worry was that it would be embossed with twelve million Kate Spade New York logos. Nicely enough, there's only 1. I'm excited. Now please bring on the warm weather!


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