Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I've been sick the last couple days, blah. My sinus infection wasn't of greatest concern to my doctor. My blood pressure was 138/104. I don't really know that much about blood pressure, but apparently it should be 100 not 138. This could be caused from the Benadryl, Theraflu, Claritin, and Advil, I shoveled into my body to ease the pain. So I've been banned from over-the-counter medication for today... and I'm such a baby when it comes to pain... have spent the majority of the day with a cold wash cloth draped over my forehead trying to relieve the headache the old fashioned way. I had to go buy a $30 blood pressure monitor. They were out of the $18.99. The pharmacist suggested the $77 digital version. I explained that I'm only 26 and that I only need to monitor it for the week, I hope. My mother later explained that taking it myself with the one I bought will be rather hard. Oh well. I'm just excited that the kit came with a stethoscope. I plan to look up naughty nurse outfits once I feel better... tehe.


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