Tuesday, March 21, 2006

My tastes are diverse. My interests are complex. I'd be the worst person in the world to interview seeing as my mind jumps from one topic to another with barely a thread in between. In a word, I'm completely eclectic.

I think most people feel quarantined by their most prevalent passions and end up suppressing their less prominent interests. I don't. I know this makes me seem intense to some, but for others, the dynamic makes me seem interesting.

Think about what makes someone interesting. Normally, we consider someone interesting because they know more about a topic than others. Now think about the exact opposite. What makes someone boring? Normally, we consider someone boring because they stick with the same topic all the time. There's a fine line between being interesting and being boring, and, if you know too much about something and talk about it all the time, you come off worse than boring. You come off pretentious.

And I know we all say we don't care what other people think, but why then do boring people constantly say they talk about something because they don't care what you think? Why talk at all then? Why not learn the information for yourself? I think boring people often attend to topics because they want to sound interesting.

I've learned to like a little bit of many topics. This, in my opinion, makes someone interesting. I think plenty of people are eclectic. Life is eclectic. It's a mixture of love, work, and health. We have the ability to learn so many different things in one lifetime. Why not mix them all together? Why not become a connoisseur of nothing? Being eclectic broadens your ability to meet people. Being eclectic gives you a reason to form relationships. An eclectic person can consistently better themselves by learning something from other people.

It's like I said to APK on our first date to the Phillips Collection, "I did study art. I do know plenty about the subject matter, but I'm sure other people know plenty more. I'm not going to sit here and broadcast my minimal knowledge just to sound good to you. If it makes sense to say something, I'll say it. Otherwise, art is just one of my many interests. I'd hate for you to think I'm pretentious."

If you find me interesting, read the below information. If you think I'm all over the place, don't... and why are you reading my blog?

I believe that one should live their life wearing a cashmere t-shirt with sweat pants. Enjoying wine, but knowing the name of the best bottle under $10. Reading everything from Vogue to Business Week to Dating Blogs to Freakonomics. Watching American Idol and the Game Show Network. Playing Scrabble on-line while watching America's Next Top Model. Learning to wear hair curly AND straight. Listening to Debbie Gibson's Out of the Blue album and Snoop and Sinatra and Madonna. Thinking that the name Apple Martin is kind of cute. Combining Ferragamo shoes with something from Forever 21. Cooking recipes from Bisquick's website. Ordering grilled cheese at a fancy restaurant (certainly gave me a good story to tell). Not having a "type" of person they date. Being dedicated to Chanel's Hydramax tinted moisturizer and $4 mascara. Appreciating Paris Hilton's perfume (I got it as a gag gift from a friend, and decided to give it a test run. BG's friend D said, "Whatever you're wearing is hot. I'd f**k a dog if it was wearing that stuff.") Getting physically ill from Prime Rib. Being politically neutral. Being against nothing or being against everything or changing the mind several times before making a decision. And most importantly, not ever pretending to be anything they are not. If they want to become something, they can. There's no need for facades.

If you want to learn and grow, acquire knowledge and, when that knowledge becomes stale, learn something else. It might make you a journalist's nightmare, but I guarantee you that your life will be more fulfilling. I'll think you're interesting; I promise.


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