Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Tabloid Report

For those of you that care, which apparently, more people care than I thought.

Here's what I just wrote in response to your e-mails.

To: BG
From: Sam

no offense bg, but i don't even know how to handle this situation anymore.

what do you want from me?
do you want to make my life miserable in dc? do you want me to move away? do you want me to stop talking to our mutual friends? what do you want from me?

you are the one and only reason i don't like being in dc. the only one. and you, who say you're such a good person, are making me completely miserable.

I've done absolutely nothing to you for you to be this mean and horrible to me.

until today, i've not even talked about how badly you hurt me.

so you tell me, what will make you promise to stay away from me forever- is it not talking to SC? to JM? is it moving out of dc?

i want you out of my life forever.


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