Friday, May 19, 2006

The Sweetest Things-

I have an amazing circle of girlfriends. They're all over the United States now, but they still mean more to me than much else.

I've been thinking a lot about my friendships lately. How lucky I am. Even after some of the horrendous things we've done to each other in the past... from hooking up with one another's ex boyfriends to splitting up in Europe to taking out our unhappiness on one another... perhaps making up after these actions has only made our bond stronger. And I started to think about the idea that each of my close girlfriends has such a good heart. They are all so capable of love and understanding and compassion. Perhaps that's why we've been able to work through our fights and differences so well... because we all deeply want for one another's company.

In my sentimental state, I thought I'd tell some of the stories of my friendships.

I'll start with Miss EP. I met her for the first time during sorority rush. She was this skinny blonde girl with the longest, blondest hair. She wore these tight capri pants with a bug pattern. She recalls seeing myself and AC at rush too... in pearls... my hair in french-braided pick tails. We both apparently thought, "goodness, I hope I don't end up with that girl in rush."

But we did end up in the same sorority. We didn't immediately click. It wasn't until a mixer with one of the fraternities that we really started to get along. I hung out with the President of the fraternity. She went off with someone else in the house. The next day, we compared notes. Suddenly, we realize we looked really hot together... a blonde and a brunette... from random places (I was from Bama, she was from an island in the South Pacific).

We had our ups and downs... honestly, I joke that my most committed relationship in college was with EP. We definitely took things out on another much like a married couple would. When we decided not to live together after Junior year of college (she wanted to live in Downtown Amherst. I wanted to live closer to Vermont), we had to split up our furniture like a real divorced couple.

My favorite memories of EP? At my apartment Sophomore year of college, up all night, painting. For hours. Or Freshman year, when I called her the night before my art portfolio was due to be displayed. I was so sick. I knew I had strep throat but I had no time to get to the health center. My roommate offered me some pot. Lovely right. Anyways, smoked it... numbed the pain... called EP because I needed her to drive me in my car up to campus to put up my artwork. She took the bus over and helped me get the whole thing put up. Afterwards, I was craving Taco Bell (yes, I know, cliche much). So she took me to Dairy Mart for some nachos. I proceeded to finish them in about a minute and then threw up a minute later... so then she took me home... and the next day to the health center. The health center later told my mom that I was the sickest person they'd seen all week.

She and LL threw me an amazing surprise party at our favorite bar for my 21st birthday. At midnight. They had banners, cake, etc. She drove to Niagra Falls with me, even though I make her car sick when I drive distances, not once but twice.

We went to Yale three times. Harvard twice. Wesleyan once. She listened to me cry over so many boys. She stood by me when psycho chick in the sorority decided to tell everyone I was anorexic (which I wasn't).

And no matter how crazy I was at times. No matter how many weird situations we got into... she was always there with me getting a medium hazelnut Dunks coffee before hitting the campus center to study. Dressed like matching angels for Halloween. Helped me pick out an outfit for my television movie reviewer debut. Came to see the rather boring play for which I was Publicity Director.

And after three years of only seeing each other every couple of months, I received a package from her after my breakup. A card telling me how strong I was and how I'd make it through this... with a necklace inside that are now labeled my power beads, because they gave me the strength to say to my ex:

"You must move out. And no, we cannot ever be friends. Calling you a friend is an insult to my friends."


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