Friday, June 02, 2006

Hung-over and over

Jazz on Jackson Place was HOT last night. Okay, I do mean the heat was a bit unbearable at the beginning. But the Decatur House one-sheet histories worked great as fans. We got there early enough to get a table, and with our group of 19 able to get drinks from the 2 bars without a line and gather throughout the tent, it almost seemed like we were the only people at the event. I'm still a bit shocked it's not gotten more attention. Even at the non-member admission price of $15, you get alcohol, jazz, and food included. That's the best deal in DC if you ask me. I guess I'm sort of happy that it's not become to sceneish. Feels like it's my secret to tell people.

I had to give an impromptu toast to APK and AG. I was shocked at how easy it actually was- "To APK and AG- with wishes for a year of fun, friends, and four aces in every poker hand."

I think the reason chicks find it sexy when a guy plays poker, watches sports, and plays golf is because it makes it easy to buy the dude gifts… and to make toasts… and to schedule alone time shopping or at the spa. If you know he's got poker ever Sunday night, you have a set weekly date to meet your best friend at Ann Taylor without feeling like you're excluding him.

But anyways-

After Jazz on Jackson Place ended at 8:30pm, we headed to Beacon Bar & Grill with hopes of getting onto the roof for some $4 martinis. The little drizzle caused the sky-top martini lounge to be closed, but the wonderful manager put together a table for our group of 11 (people filtered away after the event). I need to write him a thank you note.

Yesterday morning, I met with the Gesher City cluster coordinator to discuss my idea to start a Southern Jewish cluster. I'm excited to say I think it's actually going to happen. I had to write the enticing blurb for the new group to be sent out Tuesday. Here's what I wrote:

Do you believe that a Shabbat dinner is incomplete without fried okra and corn on the cob? Do you write a thank you note to your Seder host after Passover? This cluster is for anyone who is from the South (or Southern at heart) and Jewish. We can have Southern potluck dinners complete with corn bread and biscuits. We can go see Southern rock concerts together, visit historic Southern mansions in DC and Virginia, have brunch or cocktails at Southern restaurants, picnic in Southern style on the Mall, barbeque with hickory chips, and do any of your suggestions too! Most importantly, we'll form a Southern Jewish community here in DC where you can openly use "ya'll" in good company.

I find myself becoming more and more like this ex-DJ/ Bartender now in law school in New York who I dated briefly this past summer. He was not into drugs and barely into drinking. I only found out he was ever a DJ because on his desk was a CD with his picture on it… with a French title. He had released 2 CDs in 1998 in France, apparently. So I asked him why he liked being a DJ if he hated crowds and clubs. He told me it was his love of control. When he was in the DJ booth, he controlled the room. I thought that was sort of cool… and at the same time, a little sick. Looking into myself these days, I've found that I'm enjoying coordinating events and parties more than I have in the past. I wonder if this is a sign I'm trying to keep my life in order more.

Okay, I'm now past hung-over and into complete exhaustion.


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