Thursday, June 01, 2006


I loooooooove birthdays. Mine, yours, everyone's birthday.

I love to give presents. I love to sing "Happy Birthday." I love the yellow cake with the better cream frosting in bright pink with yellow flowers that you buy at Safeway. I love balloons and birthday shots and waking someone up, if necessary, on the exact time of their birth.

I think I get this from my Mother. She always made such a big deal out of our birthday growing up. We had original and fun parties, and we always got amazing gifts... really thought out and personal gifts. My favorite party? A hair bow-making party. My mom hired a special craft artist who came in and taught us all to make bows.

So I take great pride in making sure that the people in my life have amazing birthdays.

My roommate moved here from London with very little furniture and definitely none of the little knicknacks that make a bedroom feel like home. For her birthday in February, I bought her several various throw pillows and created 2 general pieces of wall art to match her bedspread. For SC's birthday, I bought her a huge personalized Hershey bar at Hershey Park to be eaten at the bar when she held her birthday gathering. My friend AW received a signed book from Eleanor Herman inscribed "Hope you enjoy sex!"

Tonight, we are going to Jazz on Jackson Place to celebrate APK and AG's birthdays. I got APK a poker set and a Gockel print from the Olympics. We celebrated for APK on Friday night in Mobile. My mom got him a Marble Slab cake and a bunch of silly Alabama books like Jeff Foxworthy's Red is the Color of My True Love's Neck. Last night, APK and I barbecued and I bought him two cupcakes shaped to look like flowers. The yellow cake with lots of icing type. I said: "Doesn't this remind you of a birthday from your youth?" Jokingly, he responded: "Yeah, and a bowling alley." Hmmm... guess our cakes weren't as good down in Bama. I recall many a party with sugary icing and large cookie cakes.

I'm excited to celebrate with both of them tonight! Not to sound too much like a hallmark card, but I've always believed that a birthday is truly the only day that celebrates you. If I like you, I want to help remember you on your day!


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