Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Tasty Finger Food and Much More

Alyssa came in this weekend. Her flight was delayed. She came in at 2:30am on Thursday which catapulted us into a terrible meal schedule all weekend... waking up at 11am or noon, eating breakfast at 2pm. Now I know why I was so skinny in college... well and because I had not yet discovered cheese.

Friday, we were shunned from the Capitol tour for not getting our tickets at 9am... who knew so many people wanted to tour a building I'm still not sure the purpose of...

We headed to the Archives instead to view the Declaration of Independence and Constitution. The Declaration was so worn out we could barely read it... which is rather depressing when you think that in 20 years from now, our children won't be able to read it at all. Cool things about the Archives? At the Public Vault's exhibit, I was able to listen to a recorded phone conversation between JFK and the governor of Mississippi regarding James Meredith's admission to college. Oh, and they give you an audio tour for free to the correspondence section which displays letters written by everyone from Abraham Lincoln to George Bush. They have matched buttons to the displays so you can skip Rose Kennedy if you please and move on to Susan B. Anthony. Not that I skipped anything, of course.

After the Archives, we headed across the street to the National Gallery of Art's Sculpture Garden for free jazz (ever Friday in the summer from 5-8:30pm). We were approached by a boy, about 20, who explained slowly that he was a recovering stutterer who was in DC to make 100 contacts and practice introducing himself without stuttering. Alyssa was skeptical. I politely introduced us both and allowed him to introduce himself. I figured, if that was a pick-up line, hell, at least it was original.

Saturday was Arlington cemetery. Here are the questions we were left asking- #1 Does the changing of the Guards ceremony take place in the middle of the night when no one is watching? and #2 Don't these guards ever wake up in the morning and say "Holy shit! I have to go pace back and forth again all day. Damn. Wish I'd signed up for the Marines." Just wondering is all.

Saturday night we met the ladies out at the Bottom Line for drinks... and half-naked Rugby Players (they strip and dance everytime Sweet Child of Mine comes on) . One from Lithuania made out with Suave's friend last week and bit Alyssa's finger this week. Classy guy. The evening was definitely full of interesting characters... one named Aaron danced the chicken dance for us while we circled around him. Besides the fact that my feet were pretty much stuck to the gross floor at the Bottom Line, I can say it was a fun evening.

Sunday it rained. And rained. And continues to rain. We went to Eastern Market and found amazing cheese we HAD TO buy which provoked the purchase of a baguette and then peaches and then sauce from Ingleby Farms (Delaware) and Texas at the fabulous Uncle Brutha's. Then we had to have a barbecue. Of course, I invited everyone over way before it started raining. Pour APK had to grill the chicken under an umbrella. But the cheese and sauces were delicious.

Alyssa left yesterday. So sad. And then it got sadder because I watched the chick (who left me standing at the counter to take a personal call on her cell phone for 15 minutes, but anyways) at the DMV shred by Connecticut license from 2002 (right after college, sniffle) and give me a shiny new DC license where I look 26 instead of 22. Blah.

So that was the weekend. Last night, went to see Sarah Silverman's Jesus is Magic at the JCC. Hated the singing and the part where she makes out with herself in the mirror (was that realllly necessary?) but like the comedy. She should stick to stand-up and keep the obnoxious summer camp stuff in her youth. It's not cute to pretend like your butt is talking or change the lyrics to song to make them dirty past 13.


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