Tuesday, June 20, 2006


My home computer is infected with some terrible virus. Somehow, since I made evil MySpace a home page, this other web page has become my home page. It started off simple enough, popping here and there... but now, it's infested my entire computer so that when I start up, without ever opting to open Explorer, this page comes up. Luckily, I have a cousin who can help me erase the whole thing... and a father who will help me buy a new one (which I needed anyways seeing as my computer is super ancient).


How did we create a world where people get their kicks from infecting other people's computers with a virus? Honestly, what sort of person does this? They have to be smart enough to create this type of program... so why don't they do something worthwhile instead like become a doctor or cure cancer. Why must they destroy things instead?

I've never even shoplifted. Not once. My friends all talk about their "shoplifting phases." I never felt the need to take something that wasn't mine.

As for life, it's good otherwise. The weekend was pretty uneventful. Friday night, LC, a teacher, had a party to raise funds for a Robotics team at the high school she teaches for. I think she raised about $1200.

Saturday we went up to Silver Spring for a friend of APK's birthday. We skipped on duckpin bowling with the group though. Yeah, didn't know what duckpin bowling was either- it's bowling with a little ball. Babe Ruth was a fan.
Napolean-complex much?

Afterwards, we headed to Chi-Cha Lounge for someone else's birthday. $20 for 2 drinks. I'm not sure it's that cool a place...

I spent the days laying out in Rose Park reading Sophie Kinsella's The Undomestic Goddess. This chick-lit book-a-week habit is rather financially strapping for me during the summer. Started the book on Saturday, finished it last night. The lead character's name is Sam. It's written in 1st person, obviously you can see how I felt quite the connection the lead character... and the gardner she falls in love with... and has sex with in the garden... and leaves her partnership with a top London law firm to be with... because, you know, that could happen in real life- right?

I didn't realize Sophie Kinsella is a pseudonym for Madeline Wickham. I was a bit depressed that I've now managed to read all of the Sophie Kinsella, Candace Bushnell, Plum Sykes, Anna Maxted, and Lauren Weisberger books. But wow, I can officially read 4 more books technically by Sophie Kinsella (or, actually, I guess I've technically read many books already by Madeline Wickham).


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