Wednesday, June 14, 2006

No More Initials-

Yeah, Angelina, even I get confused sometimes... I once wrote about SC's party (meaning SG). SC e-mail's me that she didn't realize she had a party. So, for the rotating cast of characters, here's some "names."

APK- Well that's Alex P. Keaton (my significant other). So, he'll stay APK
SC- Let's call her Suave. Reminds me of the Hair Sniffer from way back when.
SG- I like Sabrina (ie Julia Ormond in Sabrina) She got this fabulous new haircut that reminds me of when Sabrina got back from Paris and had Harrison Ford fall at his knees for the new her.
IH-I'm going with Annie Oakley. Mainly because I have the funniest picture of her and my guy friend from Bama wearing straw cowboy hats at Stetson's.
JM- Oh, that's easy. The Major. As in Major Anthony T. Nelson. He was working at NASA when I first met him, and totally resembles the part.
AW- Angelina, my daaaarling.
AG- Peter. Because this will annoy him.

Okay, so that should simplify my blog a little. I'll use initials for others. Apologies readers.


  • At June 18, 2006, Blogger Angelina said…

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, that's so much better!!

    besides, fun nicknames are so much more interesting, no?


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