Thursday, June 15, 2006


So one of my friends from high school who attended one of the other private schools in Mobile was this gorgeous blonde bombshell. Sweet as she could be, but not the sharpest crayon in the box (I love that expression- from Jenny). Her daddy owned some company that made lots and lots of money. When we all got cars at 16, she got 2 cars. One for her beach house. One for her house in Mobile.

Like I said, she was just the nicest girl. But she always dated the most crude and insensitive men. Always hotter than hot, these guys. But just not people you'd want to bring home.

So when I was home and found out she married a hottie 39-year old widow with 2 teenage children, I was shocked. I suppose at 26, a tad flaky, well-groomed, and attractive many of my friends have become potential Trophy Wives. Goodness Apparently, he's very nice. They're having twins together.

Jenny forwarded me the link to another beauty from Bama's wedding website at This time, smart and educated knockout ditches high school stud fiance for 50-year old, liver-spotted short Jewish man. I wasn't sure which one was her husband and which her father in the pictures- honestly.

But all of this talk of Trophy Wiving led me to start thinking about marriage in general. Am I at my prime now (although, I was probably at it right after backpacking Europe with a size-0 waistline and bronze glow)? Should I be out there in search of a husband to take care of me? Is this the point when women start to freak out? I'm freaking out. Should I start lying about my age?

My best friend Lyss will most likely be getting engaged by the end of the summer. She's been with her man for over 4 years though. He moved across the country from Boston to San Francisco to be with her. I need to remember all of this when I start to think about the ripple that is about to take place. First Chrissy and Whitney (with long term boys, I might add), and now it begins- the close friends start displaying the rocks on their fingers. Tick tock. I never want to be the "always the bridesmaid..." chick. I never thought I would.

So yeah, happy in my relationship with APK, but wondering if I should be hitting the gym and tanning bed and out there looking for old balls to take me to the Greek Island he owns and tell me I'm worth 2 million in the pre-nup.


  • At June 15, 2006, Blogger Sleepy Girl said…

    I'm 24, and I've already become "always the bridesmaid." Two of my very good friends and a bunch of others are engaged. They are dropping like flies around me. And I'm the one who just got OUT of my long-term relationship last year. It does make me a little paranoid, but I realize that the best things are worth waiting for. No need to rush.


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