Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Cooking Up Some Romance

I love playing Yenta!

I also love Extra's new watermelon gum (just wanted to throw that out there as I chew a piece typing this post).
But anyways-

Last night, SC and AG and APK came over to help me play Yenta to JK and SP. The setting was ideal for a casual Tuesday introductory meeting. Warm weather. Barbecued burgers and chicken and veggies. White, crisp wine. Rosemary Clooney in Brazil playing in the background. Witty conversation casually steered away from poker and Vegas and soccer by SC and I...

Yep. So, now,to see if I helped entice sparks between the two.

My mom likes to match make people. Do you think it's genetic? I have plenty of friends who couldn't care less if their friends end up single. Why am I such a romantic?

I'd love it-

If everyone really did have just one soulmate.

If somehow the world became covered in blooming red roses.

If love at first sight really could exist.

If Sinatra played in all restaurants over candlelight.

If all guys could ballroom dance like my father.

If looking in restaurant windows on a Friday or Saturday night looked like Valentine's Day with couples gazing in each others eyes.

So- I honestly hope that SK and SP work out. What a wonderful world this could be.


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