Wednesday, July 05, 2006

4th of July Weekend

Frankly, it sucks to be back at work. Such a fun weekend.

Friday night, I met Sabrina and her outdoors crew at Alamo in Georgetown for really strong sangria and a light dinner (unfortunately, extra-light since my $14 salad consisted of 2 pieces of chicken, iceberg lettuce which they didn't even both to de-clump, and 4 slices of tomato). We bought tickets early for The Devil Wears Prada's opening night. It was sold out in 2 theaters there- by the way- people who don't like chick flicks...

Funny that they used the Fortune Magazine offices instead of the Conde Nast building... Also funny that they changed the entire ending from the book to the movie and humanized Anna Wintour. But other than that, not a bad movie. Definitely light and fluffy, just the way I like my movies.

Saturday Suave and I went to Sabrina's pool in Clarendon. Nothing's more relaxing than Life & Style, US Weekly, and sun bathing. Fabulous reading all about skin cancer being the second most deadly disease for women between the ages of 20-29 while bathing- smart Marie Claire? Never buying that for mindless pool reading again.

In the evening, Master G, Suave, our Producer friend and I headed to dinner in Georgetown at Benihana. Dear restaurant owner- when you're located within a shopping mall, don't alienate customers. With not a person waiting to be seated, we were told that our reservation at 8:45pm would not be held if the Producer did not arrive by 9pm. We giggled softly to ourselves and headed upstairs to J. Paul's where they seated us rather pleasantly. We drank a bottle of wine at dinner and then made our way to the waterfront for drinks to sustain our mini-buzzes (oh, and, yes, I drank entirely too much this weekend).

At the waterfront, Suave received insane pick-up lines from Master G's uber-powerful-for-being-super-young friend. Master G spent the majority of the weekend shocked at running into drunk co-workers... to summarize on that end as well. I got irritated by one of those no-chin overweight girls who likes a guy and spends the whole night hovering around him until he gets so shitty he takes her home. I normally wouldn't care, frankly, but she was hogging a spot of the bar while trying to flirt with him. You know the girls- with the mouth that suddenly becomes a neck so that the distance from their face to their neck swoops at an angle. But anyways, we had to leave, I was irritated.

We needed to allow the Producer and Suave to spend some more quality time together so we stumbled to Jury's in Dupont. A drunk Irish fellow, who Suave later said was named Ian, felt the need to flirt with Suave (who declared that her name was Sahara). When Master G and I tried to pretend we were still finishing our drinks so that the Producer could walk Suave home without awkwardness, Ian decided he should hit on Master G and I. We said we were lesbians, paid our bill, and left. Goodness, no matter how drunk you get, men, please understand that when you're about 50 we're just not that into you- ever- not even if you are a billionaire- k? Well, unless you look like Robert Redford- but Ian, you didn't. K.

More pool hopping on Sunday at Master G's pool. Movie night on Sunday night. And Pizza Hut? Don't ask what possessed me. I've not eaten a Pizza Hut pizza in about 10 years. After the other night, don't think I'll ever eat one again. Blah.

Kate had a party at our place Monday night so Sabrina and I started drinking around 7. We met Suave and Master G for a party on the roof of the Schuyler Arms on Columbia... the best view in DC if you ask me. It's the roof that inspired my move to DC actually... almost a year ago (next weekend). Memories. Kate's party continued until around 2am. Nice not having to entertain but still being able to have a party at your house... no cleaning, no buying alcohol, just enjoying. Maybe I should rent it out? Anyone interested?

Master G's friends had a barbecue yesterday complete with hot dogs, chocolate chip cookies, spiked watermelon, potato salad, and one of those Christmas light decorations set-up like an American flag. Tres fun.

We met O, who worked with Master G at her old job. O, who is apparently conservative, asked a girl we met and ended up hanging out with all night how many orgasms she had. See, I thought O was sort of cute until he got progressively drunk throughout the day- to a point where Suave ended up carrying his shoe laces home (still unclear about how this happened). Master G, again, kept repeating that he's usually a conservative and normal person at work... ah, alcohol.

We watched the fireworks back at the Schuyler Arms... and tried to sing the National Anthem with sour looks from the others on the roof. Come on people! What other day can you see "You're a Grand Old Flag." Honestly.

Ended the night at the new Johnny Rockets in Dupont. Ronda, our fun server, made the experience perfect. APK and I even have a picture now where we are sharing a milk shake. And no, my milk shake is not better than yours.


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