Thursday, July 06, 2006


Until recent years, I always wished that I was more bland. I wished my hair was stick straight with little volume and no curls in a boring light brown. I wished I liked to watch the news and CSI and whatever else everyone was talking about. I wished I had an unrecognizable voice on the phone, a true passion for Limited basic clothing pieces, and a habit of buying the most popular beige Toyota on the market. I wanted to fit in... to be the girl that everyone barely remembered... the one no one disliked because what was there to dislike about them. I wanted to be the person invited to everything with everyone all the time because I was easy. Simple. Plain. Bland.

Lately though, I've been thinking about how much more I enjoy the company of people with Extreme Personalities. People who bring something lively and interesting to my life. People who don't get along with everyone... who stand out in a crowd... who teach me something about anything at all. I look back at the girls who I forgot existed from high school (mainly because of MySpace and Friendster) and I'm actually happy my shape (small waste and hips) didn't allow me to look good in the short everyone wore. I'm actually happy that my hair didn't stay straight all the time in humid Alabama or that my coloring didn't fit light brown hair color. I'm happy my parents sent me to a camp no one else from Mobile was a camper at.

When I look at my group of friends, I can tell you original things about each one. I can tell you their interests, their career dreams, who their enemies are. I think it's important to have the balance of people you don't like and people you do. I think it's important to know what makes a good person and friend. I much prefer to have someone with an Extreme Personality in my corner than someone who has 8 million people they "sort of" know.

The more complex a person, the better. Call me a magnet for psychos, but truth be told, I'd like entertainment over a wallflower any day.

I'm happy my hair can go curly or straight. I'm happy some people don't like me (although, I'm happier that some people do, obviously). I'm happy that the friends I have bring something irreplaceable to my life. I'm happy that Extreme Personalities exist. What a boring life it could be.


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