Monday, July 24, 2006

Hickory Dickory Dock

Tranquil Space Yoga Studio on P Street rocks because:

1) You can reserve your place in class online and cancel up to an hour before (for when you wake up hung over on Sunday morning).
2) The walls are painted the nicest shade of lavender with pink flowers painted on the floor.
3) The teachers have the most relaxing voice and wander the class giving subtle instruction on things like keeping your legs farther apart.
4) There is light music and burning aromatherapy scents.
5) After class, tea and biscuits are provided.

Kate and I watched Shopgirl (strangely depressing and uplifting at the same time) and ordered in Domino's pizza. I'd not had Domino's pizza in about 3 years before moving to DC. In Westport, Planet Pizza was the local delivery joint. In New York, ordering Domino's was in the same league as wearing a Red Sox hat to Yankee Stadium. But, shhhh, Domino's is not bad… even though, by my saying this, Patsy Grimaldi is rolling in his grave right now.

Incidentally, the history of pizza is fascinating. Did you know it began as a peasant food in Italy? In the US, it only became popular after WWII. Soldiers came back from war talking of the amazing food they had while overseas.

Saturday night, I met Suave and company at Panache on DeSalles Street for a birthday party. Panache's drinks are expensive. BUT, at least, they offer a live DJ and free cigarettes on the bathroom compliments table. There were about 3 other birthday's being celebrated simultaneously. I assume this is because there's no cover for attendees of a party who arrive before 11pm and are put on the guest list.

I don't dance very often.

Not saying that I don't dance at all. I'm from Bama. I grew up on Southern rock, jam bands, and country. I'm most comfortable bopping my head and moving my arms to a live music beat. Techno music and hard rap just don't make me want to shake my toosh. Hell, that type of music barely makes me care whether I'm deaf or not.

It was cool my freshman and sophomore years of high school to listen to Snoop and Bone. So, I can dance to that type of music too… considering they are on my shuffle… and I love old school favorites like "This is How We Do It" and "I Got Five on It." Anyways, regardless, Michael Jackson was playing… so Suave's Salsa Hottie and I danced. And danced. And danced.

Maybe I don't dance because I'm too vain. I was sweaty and certainly not looking so cute by the end of the night.

Yesterday, I christened my Weber. I soaked my hickory chips and lit my charcoal and basted my chicken with Ingleby Farms barbeque sauce. Suave, the Master, APK, Taffy, the Producer, the Salsa Hottie, and others all came over around 5pm for dinner and winding down. My hair smelled of hickory chips by the end of the evening.


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