Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Strange Branding

I went for my annual visit to the OB/GYN today.
I suppose you know you've been working in marketing when you start to find humor in the branding of products in your examination room. You know, since you're having an HIV test among others... and you should probably be focused on worrying.
But anyways.
So here's the list of branded items:
Derma Touch examination gloves
EcoLab soap dispenser
BP Sharps Collector biohazard collection container
Detecto biohazard trash can
Detecto scale
Scopettes, Jr. Pap test sticks
Tycos blood pressure monitor
Now, consider that the only people in the room are patients. Patients don't buy examination gloves or biohazard collection containers or home pap tests. So, one would think noticeably branding these items would prove useless.
BUT, patients MIGHT buy bandages or cotton balls their doctor uses, right? Both were generic in the office.
Just though that was funny. Also imagined some really educated dude having to say he's the CEO of the company that makes pap test sticks.
Creative pharmaceutical branding in the doctor's office? Stirup covers by Enjuvia and a calendar by Estrostep.
Also, I feel badly for artists like Nancy Louise Jones. It's got to be like having you fiction novel in the $1 bin at the Strand to have your artwork displayed in a doctor's office.


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