Thursday, September 28, 2006

Regarding the MyHeritage Celebrity Look Alike Craze

Via Google Talk-

Sam: Read this, it is really funny! Definitely cooler than my take on it.

Suave: What happens if you put a picture of a celebrity
will they get themselves?

Sam: ooooh, that'd be interesting

Suave: [A boy] asked that the other day...

Sam: I wonder

Suave: Try that

Sam: k, will do now

Sam: okay, i'm doing Amanda Bynes since I keep getting her.

Suave: k

Sam: Watch my computer blow up.

Suave: ha

Sam: It is taking a long time for someone so easy

Sam: okay, Amanda Bynes got 97% Amanda Bynes

Suave: That's good at least

Sam: oh, and Amanda Bynes might be Kelly Clarkson- I'm posting it on my blog.

Suave: I need credit. Actually [boy] does :)

Sam: Tehe, yeah, of course.


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