Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I blame...

Morgan Spurlock and Jarred for taking away the Sandwich Artist-theme at Subway. Don't you remember the Subway Artist commercials back when Super Size was still available at McDonald's? Now, the emphasis is on eating fresh and 6 grams of fat or less.

I went to the Subway on 18th Street to get a Sweet Onion Teriyaki sandwich. The guy serving assumed I just wanted Italian bread. I corrected him, and disgruntled by this request apparently, he tossed the Italian bread in a bin and threw down the multigrain I wanted. Then, chicken was viciously put on the bread with a Chuck Norris destroying a numbchuck action, and the sandwich was tossed to a chick who rolled her eyes as it went into the toaster. My tomatoes and lettuce and sauce had no more luck with help. Sandwich Artist, my fresh bottom!

On the Subway website, they still refer to the people who make the sandwiches as "Sandwich Artists." Here's what that means to Subway-

Sandwich Artists™

Sandwich Artists™ have a positive outlook, thrive in a busy work environment and are keen to learn to art of great sandwich making. You will work well as part of a team, making delicious sandwiches to customer requirements. You will be responsible for serving customers, following health and safety procedures, and keeping the store clean.

Attitude is negotiable?


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