Sunday, November 05, 2006

TALL Tales from the Weekend

My Sam, what a tall weekend you have had...

Friday evening, I met LR, Jenny, SW and company at Urbana for happy hour. 2 glasses of happy hour special wine and I was definitely in a more honest mood.

Now, I have to backtrack for a second. I've been to Millie and Al's about 5 times, and never ever by choice (though I almost always have a good drunken time). On my second visit with Suave, Eye and crew, 4 ridiculously tall boys picked us all up and bought us several gazillion Jello shots. They said they were basketball players who'd just graduated from Georgetown. The tallest of the boys, Johnny, was the chatty one. His wingman, I suppose, was the hottest one... though completely uninterested in conversation. On my third visit, Johnny and the boys tried to pick up some of BG's friends. I got a couple free Jello shots again. Nice, because you don't feel like you anyone anything for $1 drink. On my forth visit with the Master, APK, and their college's Alumni group, the boys were at it again. This time they attempted to pick up someone else, who I politely pulled aside and warned that the boys might be carriers of STDs. He overheard me, and whispered shortly after to another girl in our group that I hated him.

So, when the boys walked into Urbana, I quickly referenced the entire above story to LR, Jenny, SW, and anyone else listening. Of course, they waved at our group from the bar. They came over and introduced themselves, and, of course, we all couldn't help but giggle and wait to be entertained. Johnny and I got to talking, and I told him he'd picked up about 3 of my friends. I joked that he must have a blonde thing, and he insisted really he liked brunettes. Then he suggested he cook me lunch sometime because breakfast is presuming I stayed over already and dinner is presuming I'm interested in staying over. I told him if he remembered my name the next time I saw him out, I'd let him cook me lunch.

But, the best line came later on. We chatted with all the fellows... entertained, but slightly bored. Turns out none of them ever played basketball for a college. They play for some team now, leisurely.

One of the boys with us was asked by a fellow who resembled McDreamy which one of us he was dating. He said all of them. One of the other boys commented, "Oh, they're all your bitches." Johnny then remarked, "Ha. I think these girls are pretty much the antithesis of bitches." LR suggested we make a needlepoint of that for our walls.

We left shortly afterwards. They were much more boring then you'd think... ya know, without Jello shots being offered and tales about their basketball careers.

Saturday night, Jenny and I met Eye and her friends (one really resembled Jack Black) for a party in Adams Morgan and then the bars. In one bar, a handsome blonde around the height of 7 feet tall, looked my way. Then looked again. Then finally came over and introduced himself. I told him we were about to leave for the Angry Inch and that he should come. I didn't much talk to him, but I could spot him all throughout the bar apparently looking back to see when we left. At the Angry Inch, dancing with the lovely ladies, in walked my dashing Giant. "Hello." I said. Wow... he followed me... but, I'm not supposed to give my number to a guy I meet at a bar in Adams Morgan at 1am. Hmmm. I talked to him for a bit. His military father was going with him to the the Cowboys vs Redskins game today. One of two times his father has ever said he was proud of him. He was funny... and then, I did it. I totally gave him my number. I don't know if he'll call but go figure. There's a first for everything. Neither of us were overly drunk, and I'd certainly like to know more. Wow, call me a common girl ladies and gents.

So, that was the weekend. Kate and I made a pact not to date anyone under 5 foot 10. Apparently, I'm only meeting boys that are over 6 foot 5 now. Is that kismet?

In other news, my Grandma met a boy's mother at a funeral and wants to hook me up with him. Thank heavens for Friendster. He's quite cute. I think she offered his family 3 sheep and the family diamonds.

Hope you had as fun a weekend as we did!


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