Friday, October 27, 2006


Suave took me as her hot plus one to the Fairmont DC's Signature Event last night. The Fairmont creates an elaborate event to entice potential conference planners. Last night's was pretty much ridiculous. The theme was "green." Very modern organic.

We walked down the spotless marble staircase to three screens showing movies of water falls. Faux trees draped in moss lined the ballroom entry way. Nature sounds echoed throughout the room. Inside the ballroom, the tango was being performed on a round stage in a room decked in glass tables with moss covered bottoms and flowers hanging from the roof via industrial wine racks. The combination of live greens, water, stainless steel, and white was so visually fragmented and confusing that it just worked marvelously. New. The designs were very very new.

The Mexican first course was cerviche and a margarita shot served in a round ice sculpture. A Chinese dragon and band performed for the next course with an Asian sampler served including a delicious Kobe beef treat. The main course was Middle Eastern lamb and Israeli couscous with the entertainment of 6 belly dancers on stage. Cheese was served from the Mid-Atlantic and then the most amazing Canadian themed white chocolate mousse cake was presented with a Celine Dion impersonator.

As we exited the ballroom, a candy bar awaited us with Chinese takeout boxes to fill up. The valet delivered our cars with a gift bag including truffles, a thank you note, and two bottles of water.


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