Monday, October 30, 2006

Princess Leah and the Devil Sitting in a Tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G

One of my favorite things about Halloween is seeing random combinations of characters hanging out.

Princess Leah was making out with a Devil. Cruella Deville was dancing with a Guiness Brew Master late night. Will Farrell's Robert Goulet chatted up Kate Moss, and a Doctor bummed a light for his cigarette from Zach Morris and Screech. Mario and the Princess seemed to find Dorothy and the Scarecrow hilarious, and Goldie Lock's bear decided to leave with his friend, a lady bug. Some really drunks tourist told me I was hot and slapped my ass. A girl on a walk of shame helped a Flip Cup table blow-up a doll she received for winning the best costume of the night, and a Geisha borrowed lipstick from a pregnant Brittany Spears.

I dressed in full Wonder Woman attire. Pictures will follow.

Friday night, I met Peter, Ralph, and three of the Lost Boys for a law firm's party at the Embassy Suites in Chevy Chase. I entered as Wonder Woman with the Guiness Brew Masters (Peter and Ralph), a Boy Scout, and Hugh Hefner. At the party, we met a group of Peter's friends dressed as Raggedy Ann, a school bus, Michelangelo's David, and Laura Elizabeth Ingalls Wilder. Once upon a time, Raggedy Ann had a crush on one of the Guiness Brew Masters. I thought that was a pretty funny vision... and yet, disturbingly, a little Woodsman-like. Kate realized that's one creepy thing about dressing up like a little girl (she was dressed at Goldie Locks).

I drank entirely too much and on the cab ride to another party in Adams Morgan, I decided it was time for Wonder Woman to call it a night. For the record, Wonder Woman spent the rest of her Friday night hunched over a toilet, Lasso of Truth at her side. There's something not in the DC Comics.

Saturday night, Jenny came over dressed at white trash. She'd found a blonde wig with black roots and rocked it with blue eye shadow, red lipstick, a zebra-print tube top, dollar bills tucked in her shirt, and a trucker hat attached to her skinny leg cropped pants. We met Goldie Locks, Peter Pan, Missdy dressed as a lock (with her friend as the key), and others out for a fabulous party (written up in the Post actually) in Adams Morgan.

The party had a bouncer, DJ, and insane decorations as well as 900 people on the Evite (with 300 saying yes, they'd attend). One of the 5 hosts, a good friend of Goldie Locks, was dressed as the Devil with a black t-shirt with Prada printed on it. He spent much of the night hanging out with Holly Golightly. Another host wore a Jolly Green Giant outfit with a sash that read "Banned by the FDA."

Along the main room's walls, the hosts had placed haunted forrest scene setters and strobe lights to create a haunted atmosphere. I met Bo Duke, a handsome 21-year-old from Bama, and Goldie Locks was acosted by a skeleton with an obvious pedophilia.

Definitely a fun weekend totally rewriting your favorite Grimms book.

One more party to go... the Decatur House's Ghosts and Sprits on Tuesday night.


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