Tuesday, October 31, 2006

21 Ways You Can Tell Someone's Southern

21. Men wear Croakies to hold their Oakleys, Ray Bans, or Buccis around their neck.
20. At a mid-day barbecue outside in the depths of summer heat, women have on foundation, blush, lipstick, eye liner, and mascara.
19. Wallabees are formal men's shoes.
18. Personal belt buckles are fashionable. This is a great place to display state pride.
17. Some team's game within the SEC is reason to cancel dates and skip funerals.
16. White eyeliner and blue eye shadow go with any outfit.
15. Men's hair wouldn't flip out naturally on the sides (wings) with hair gel, so it's a total don't.
14. Khakis and a polo shirt are the ultimate clubbing gear.
13. People, places, and things are precious.
12. At least one of their friends has a first name created from the maiden name of their mother AND at least one of their friends wants to name their child Jackson.
11. High school sororities and fraternities don't sound at all odd.
10. High school parties held at vacant lots are the basis of many stories told.
9. Envelopes are always addressed Miss, Ms., Mrs., Mr., Dr.
8. Even if they've lost them, Southern accents appear when drinking or talking to someone else from the South.
7. Mamma and Daddy don't know this Mom and Dad Northerners talk about.
6. Scattered, smothered, chopped, and covered makes their mouth water.
5. Atlanta is too big. New Orleans is too wild. DC is definitely not the South.
4. Not wanting to date anyone from the North is a legitimate discrimination.
3. They still have a hard time not saying, "Yes Ma'am" or "No Sir" to their boss, even if their boss is only a couple years older then they are.
2. They can't not have a car even if they never ever drive it.

But the number one way?

1. Even if they've not lived in the South in dozens of years, home will always be wherever they grew up in the South.


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