Monday, October 30, 2006

Tid Bits

Suave's Dad-

is in a Jewish men's motorcycle group in Scottsdale called J.O.B.S., aka Jews on Bikes. They wear the t-shirt to your left.

My parents attended Woofstock in Mobile, AL yesterday-

Do you ever think back to a time when seeing a dog sitting next to you at a fancy restaurant was annoying? I went to Google search the event, and came up with about 12 other cities holding Woofstocks. Here's a couple.
Toronto, Ontario
Eureka, CA
Kenosha, WI
Central Pennsylvania
Wichita, KS

In regards to the Spot-

Turns out the people who own the apartment next to us left for two years to go out of the country. They won't respond to our landlord regarding the noise issues for the guys next door. They won't fix the air conditioning. In some ways, I feel badly for the boys. They're locked into a lease for 2 years and feel like the neighborhood is picking on them because they are students. My landlord tried one more time to reach the owners of the townhouse. Here's part of the letter.

I stopped by to speak in person to your tenants yesterday afternoon at theirrequest to discuss my concern over the noise. The conversation was cordial and they seem to be making an effort to be considerate of their neighbors. We agreed to relax the standard for quiet time to 10pm weekdays and midnight on weekends (from the DC regulations of 9pm). But they understand that I will have to pursue other paths for resolving the problems if they continue. They complained that they are being treated coldly by some of the other neighbors, perhaps unfairly because they are students. I also learned that several of them will be moving out soon for a semester abroad and they intend to sublease, likely to other students. Perhaps it would be best forall involved if you release them from their lease at that time, rather than allow this difficult situation to drag on for two years. It should be feasible for you to rent the house to a World Bank, IMF, or embassy family. For instance, I think I can get the contact information for the housing coordinator for the British Embassy for you. Regards.

The Pea is in India.

Her Mom and Grandma are travelling with her. She's been sending us hilarious emails. Here's part of the most recent one.

Cool things I've learned (don't laugh):
1. Hindus have Temples Muslims have Mosques
(and after a day at the temples my feet are black-I left my socks in the hotel room...)

2. While in Indian you must use deet to protect yourself from the diseases that mosquito's could carry (my mom thinks fly's are suspect too..) anyhow DEET takes off everything most recently of note nailpolish and the shiny black coating on my I really don't want to know what it does to your skin

3. India does not observe day lights saving time, and guessing what time it is back home is not worth it-my mom did get immense enjoyment out of calling home last night when it was 10:30pm our time and she thought it would be 9am, my grandmother thought 7 and i thought 12-we were prepared to say "what time is it, oh sorry did we wake you we had no we haven't been talking about it at dinner for the last half hour" well moral was it was 1 o'clock and no we didn't wake him...oh and india is an extra half hour ahead too, why?!?--a special present it you find out the answer

Other things of note:
1. Flight into Delhi was great, airplane food on Virgin is not too bad-HOWEVER the little canister I thought was salad dressing clearly was not-apparently it was some spice, and it was HOT, now I'm not talking wasabi hot, i'm talking drink a bottle of water and sprint to the back to get another drink hot, yep i'm the adventurous one-I survived the experience although I think I was sweating for 15 minutes after

2. You can buy some pretty cool things for under 500 rupels ($10) but is the added weight to your suitcase worth it?

Well tomorrow we are off to the Himalayas, we have enjoyed our short stay in Delhi, what an introduction it has been.

Hope all is well back at home!


And that's all folks. Have a nice day!


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